Railway large water conservancy project construction schedule delay

Railway large water conservancy project construction schedule delay
Steady growth in October to track audit Audit December 10 released data show that as of the end of October, there is a problem of slow progress lag railway, water conservancy and other major construction projects. More than 8.5 billion railway project to invest less than 10% completion rate, ninety percent water conservancy did not do a formal land use approval. Experts say the project ground hard, landing Difficult investment, the impact of the financial capital to play a stimulating effect on the macro economy.
Audit Commission in October 2015 organized in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and 29 central departments, seven central enterprises to implement pro-reform steady growth structural adjustment policies and measures to improve people's livelihood risk prevention conducted a follow-up audit, a sample of 615 units , 492 projects, involving central funds 113.155 billion yuan.
Audit results show, railways construction, low 12 railway projects annual investment plan completion rate. As of the end of October 2015, has started 339 countries and joint railway and medium-sized projects, 12 projects scheduled to be completed annual investment rate of less than 10%, to 8.57 billion yuan annual investment plan, lower than the annual investment plans when order schedule. China Railway focus on promoting the 63 countries and joint railway construction projects paragraphs, involving planned new production mileage 8099 km. As of the end of October 2015, the new production of the actual mileage 3722 km, there are 27 railway projects not yet put into paragraphs, to plan new production mileage 4377 km.
China Railway to reflect annual investment plan to complete the project is mainly due to the low rate: project feasibility study approved, preliminary design, construction and project bidding and other sectors need a longer period, individual projects to raise local capital and bank loans implementation is slow. The paragraph has not been part of the railway project put into production, is mainly influenced by local factors such as land acquisition and resettlement.
In major water conservancy projects advancing. 2015 planned new construction of 27 major water conservancy projects have been handled a land pre-trial procedures, and have started. But there are still 25 projects yet to apply for a formal land use approval, the progress of individual projects affected. The audit also found that three major water conservancy construction projects invested by the central completion rate below 50%, which Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake Extension Project management, central investment completion rate of less than 30%.
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Economics strategic financial audit director Wang Dehua told the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, from the audit results, the project ground is generally not optimistic. In fact, investment in landing difficult not only exists in these areas, the project does not work as planned landing has become a more common phenomenon, some projects even become unfinished projects miserably.
To solve these problems, Wang Dehua deemed necessary two-pronged approach. First, before landing the project requires a lot of pre-work, including feasibility studies approved, project bidding, land demolition, heritage and environmental protection and other aspects of the audit. Second, you can arrange a small part of the budget early in the project, after then gradually invested capital based on the actual progress of the project, thus reducing the problem of idle funds.



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