River 20 million tons of steel production capacity reduction replacement

According to "People's Republic of China Environmental Impact Assessment Law," "Interim Measures on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment" and Hebei Province "to further strengthen the construction project EIA public participation in the work of the notice", the relevant provisions of "public participation in environmental protection regulations in Hebei Province," and so on, The relevant environmental impact assessment issues "group product upgrades restructuring Hegang (coastal base) project" announced as follows:
First, the project name and project summary
Project Name: River Steel Group restructuring product upgrades (coastal base) project (hereinafter referred to as the "proposed project")
Industry: ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing
Location: Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Leting Economic Development Zone
Project Summary:
River Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The River Steel Group") in June 2008 by the Tangshan Iron and Steel Group and Handan Iron and Steel Group jointly formed, the Group is headquartered in Shijiazhuang. 2015, River Steel Group produced 46.71 million tons of pig iron, crude China Stainless Steel Coil 47.75 million tons, 44.36 million tons of goods timber, operating income of 285 billion yuan, profits of 1.2 billion.
To further increase the steel production capacity Yajian, optimize the layout of the steel industry in Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and coordinated implementation of the development strategy, the 2022 Winter Olympics held in green water blue sky for our escort, under the provincial government's initiative, River steel Group formulated Xuanhua steel overall exit plan, together with the Tangshan Iron and steel, bearing steel part of the production together with the integration and restructuring, relocation reduction in construction Tangshan Laoting economic Development Zone "product upgrades River steel Group restructuring (coastal base) project". Adopt the principle of the proposed project construction in two phases, "the overall planning, step by step", the first phase of implementation of the 10 million tons, then the implementation of the second phase of 10 million tons, the content of this environmental impact assessment for the first phase of 10 million tons of scale.
The first phase is planned to build an annual output of 10.224 million tons billets scale, main construction contents include: comprehensive mechanization yard, 700m2 sintering machine 2, 2.4 million t grate kiln 2, 7m coke oven 6, 4300m3 blast furnace 3 , 240t converter 3, 115t converter 3 and supporting hot-rolled, cold-rolled, public auxiliary facilities.
Second, the construction unit and contact details
Name: Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Address: Tangshan City No. 9 Riverside Road Lubei
Zip code: 063 016
Contact: Mr. Liu
Tel: 0315-3707136
Fax: 0315-3707139
Third, the environmental impact assessment unit and contact details
Name: Beijing Jingcheng Jiayu Environmental Technology Limited
Address: Main Street, Xicheng District, No. 311 Guang An Men Hospital, Building 1, 3 Zip Code: 100053
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Tel: 010-53205912
Fax: 010-53205932
Fourth, the environmental impact assessment procedures and the main content
1. The work program
Environmental impact assessment procedures are as follows:
EIA unit accepts construction unit entrusted → develop the EIA general scheme → Environmental Situation Monitoring and Evaluation → Engineering Analysis → environmental impact prediction and evaluation → environmental impact report prepared → second information disclosure and public comment → submitted to the competent environmental protection department for examination.
2. The main tasks
(1) the status of the site investigation and monitoring of the surrounding environment.
(2) the project engineering analysis, accounting each emissions.
(3) the project of cleaner production level analysis.
(4) operation of the project Environmental Impact Assessment.
(5) projects for environmental protection measures taken by the technical and economic analysis, suggest improvements.
(6) through the issuance of public questionnaires and other ways to seek public views and suggestions on the environmental aspects of the proposed project.
(7) propose to prevent and mitigate adverse environmental impacts of policies, measures to promote economic development and environmental protection, coordinated business development, environmental management and environmental management to provide a scientific basis.
Fifth, the main issues for public comment
(1) Do you understand the construction of the project?
(2) Do you think the quality of the environment surrounding the project area What is the status?
(3) What is the environmental impact of the project that you are most concerned about?
(4) What do you think should take measures to reduce or avoid the environmental impact of your concerns?
(5) the construction of the project that you have any suggestions and requirements in terms of environmental protection?
(6) into account, whether in favor of the project?
6, the main mode of public comments
The public can take a letter, phone, fax, e-mail, etc. make their own recommendations to the construction unit or environmental impact assessment unit.
Environmental impact assessment unit will be reported in the book's record public comments and recommendations of the project environmental impact, and public comments, recommendations to the project construction units and departments concerned.
Seven. Publicized start and end time
Publicity Duration: date announcement within 10 working days.



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