Rizhao steel bases a two-step construction started

After a further project all entered the main construction phase, the company will be on the agenda of sunshine a two-step construction lift to begin the work started bidding, negotiation, design and construction, to ensure that the work buckle network operation, Stubble advance. As of August 22, a two-step compaction blast area has been basically completed, and iron blast furnace body has completed 55 field pile. 3 # 4 # coke oven coking zone has been completed pile 92. 2 # Main sintering plant replaced the Groundwork has been basically completed, is detected. Steelmaking field level work in progress. Slab project is detailed prospecting, detailed survey were set 705 points. Rizhao steel bases a two-step construction started.
To ensure the quality of the project, the Department of rigorous project management and construction inspection records of test data compaction process, after the end of Dynamic Compaction Foundation Quality inspection. Then pile emphasis on parts of the welding quality, concrete mix requires precise control of each section of the pile slenderness ratio to ensure a smooth pile site. Clear underground obstacles, not tilted to ensure precast piles and displacement. Slurry Wall bored pile construction, measurement and control mud density at any time, to ensure that results when punching Slurry Wall. According to the site conditions, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, confirm watering intervals, the area covered by other means, to ensure the rational concrete curing, each party to achieve concrete vibrated fully ensure construction quality pass rate of 100%.



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