Shandong coal this year to 16.25 million tons of crude steel production capacity of 2.7 million tons of pig iron each shutdown

Deputy director of the Shandong Economic and Information Technology Commission WANG Wan-liang undertaking thematic publication.
September 19, at the - at a news conference after the "supply-side policy Twelfth China Shandong network media Shandong line" large gathering activities launching ceremony, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission WANG Wan-liang thematic publication . He said that this year, Shandong eliminating production tasks four China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet companies 2.7 million tons of crude steel, 2.7 million tons of pig iron production equipment have all been discontinued; the coal industry, coal mine exit 58, to 16.25 million tons of production capacity.
Shandong investigated thoroughly implementing programs to resolve excess capacity to achieve development turnaround
WANG Wan-liang said that in order to ensure to the capacity of the work actively and steadily, solid and orderly conduct, Shandong province's steel coal enterprises of equipment, production capacity, personnel, as well as to capacity planning, programs to investigate thoroughly, to go to production relate to business equipment, number of people who join verified. For the preparation of capacity to plan and lay a good foundation. In the municipalities and the mountain of steel, Mountain Energy Group reported basis to the production program, the provincial customs department prepared the "Shandong Province to promote the steel coal industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development plan", defined the province of steel coal industry to production capacity The overall objective of the annual target and capacity Yajian plan.
After the program is formed by the provincial government to seriously study to official documents submitted to the State Council for the record. Subsequently, on behalf of the provincial government and Governor Guo NDRC, the Ministry of Industry and other four ministries responsible comrades signed letters of responsibility goals to produce energy.
Meanwhile, the decomposition of the implementation tasks, supporting the introduction and implementation of policies and measures. In order to grasp the capacity to dispatch the province, the municipalities and the provincial SASAC, the end of each month on time and eliminating the need for capacity to the office to report "three conditions", that the progress of work this month, next month, work plans and proposals; this month, municipalities carry out Land , environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other special law enforcement inspection results; there is capacity to the end of each business tasks but also by country reporting requirements on time online reporting system. " 'Monthly three newspapers' system was established, the capacity to grasp the progress and urge the implementation of the tasks planned, as well as the capacity of enterprises to personnel placement and scheduling, have played a positive role in promoting." WANG Wan-liang said.
Shandong this year, coal production capacity to 16.25 million tons, pig iron, crude steel production capacity of 2.7 million tons each cut-off device
WANG Wan-liang at the news conference, in 2016 in Shandong Province pressure steel production capacity mission is to Jigang 1.5 million tons of iron; Zibo Hongda Steel 120 tons of iron, 1.7 million tons of steel; Yanzhou alloy steel 300,000 tons of steel; Liaocheng Xinhua steel 700,000 tons of steel.
August 5, Provincial Commission by letter organized two inspection teams and Metallurgical Company experts were related to the enterprise site verification, each device involved in the verification confirmation. From the inspection situation, the task this year, the province's capacity to four companies of 2.7 million tons of crude steel, 2.7 million tons of pig iron production equipment have all been discontinued, which has the whole plant Hongda steel storage equipment, involving seat 2 507m3 blast furnace, 2 sets of 50t converter demolition of all power system; Yanzhou alloy steel furnace 50t Taiwan, Xinhua Liaocheng steel a 40-ton converter has been removed. Jinan Iron and Steel blast furnace 1 Taiwan 1750m3 closed production.
Exit the coal industry, "Thirteen Five" period coal mine 114, to resolve capacity 64.6 million tons, accounting for existing mines and capacity for 59.38%, respectively, 35.72%. 3 years focus on research, ensure the completion of five years. Mine coal industry in 2016 to exit 58, go to production capacity 16.25 million tons; coal mine production this year to go on the mission and objectives of Provincial Coal Industry Bureau site publicity. At present, Shandong has shut down 53 coal mines, cut-off can be 13.8 million tons / year, accounting for 91.4% and 84.9% of the annual plan, respectively. Also, take full advantage of "more than make up leaving early," "more, return more than make up" to encourage policies to guide the coal mine should withdraw and leave early, can retreat back to do, there are five cities, six coal mines in 2016 specifically to advance to quit.
To reinforce the capacity of the target responsibility, steel manufacturing and coal production and operation "Internet +" convergence
WANG Wan-liang said that the next step will be further hit solid steel Shandong coal production target responsibility to do a good job this year, steel production capacity of coal to task acceptance, conscientiously carry out the relevant law enforcement special operations, and vigorously promote the steel and coal industry restructuring quality and efficiency. Provincial Commission by letter with the relevant departments will, in accordance with the "capacity to push restructuring, excellent layout, do fine," the idea, and actively promote the province's coal industry iron and steel restructuring, optimize the layout, resolve excess capacity, the development of a turnaround. Promote the steel manufacture, coal production and operation and the "Internet +" integrated development, to develop intelligent manufacturing, and actively promote new technologies, new processes, improve coal iron and steel enterprises TFP. Strengthening coal iron and steel industry economic analysis, and a good grasp of the central province of steady growth, the implementation of structural adjustment, reduce costs, improve effectiveness of the policy, for enterprises to actively solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of production, promote the iron and steel stable and healthy operation of the coal industry.



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