Shandong issued further improving steel production capacity to inform

Notice on Further Improving the China Stainless Steel Coil industry in our province to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround development related work
Lu Jingxin fax [2016] No. 13
Municipalities, provincial SASAC:
September 2, the province (Shandong Province, the same below)) held the government to resolve the province's coal industry, iron and steel overcapacity in a turnaround development videoconferencing, the province's coal industry to resolve the steel overcapacity in a turnaround development work carried out arrangements for the deployment, to implement the spirit of the meeting, further efforts to the steel industry production capacity, are hereby notified of the following work:
First, take effective measures, carrying out work, do a solid job of work to capacity
2016, the province's steel industry has been completed Yajian 2.7 million tons of pig iron, crude steel production capacity to 2.7 million tons of tasks related to business equipment has been shut down to exit. Liaocheng Xinhua steel converter, electric furnace steel Yanzhou has been removed, Zibo Hongda steel, iron equipment have been archived, Jigang about iron production capacity has also been discontinued quit being sealed. Iron and steel production capacity in our province to achieve substantive results, the state inspection group fully affirmed. According to the national capacity to inter-ministerial joint conference office and the provincial government to deploy videoconferencing capacity requirements of the near future to focus on the following aspects.
First, do a good job this year, the steel industry to the production task acceptance. Iron and steel industry in our province to resolve the overcapacity inspection and check methods have been developed and issued, municipalities, provincial SASAC, the relevant measures in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise, on or before September 20, the capacity of companies to conduct inspection and acceptance. With removal of the conditions of exit production equipment, developed by the company dismantled the program, after the approval of the municipal government consent, reported to the provincial office of steel production capacity to record, and then tissue removed. Municipalities around the demolition site to take pictures and video, and archived for future reference; do not have the conditions to exit the removal capacity of equipment, filed by an enterprise, the development of storage options, the equipment for water, electricity, removal of the power plant, the municipal government consent reported to the provincial office record steel production capacity to ensure that the equipment is no longer to resume production. Provincial inspection and acceptance group after the above-site inspection and acceptance, the provincial inspection team, the city and related companies were on the inspection and acceptance form signed and sealed, and related materials for your records.
Second, establish defuse steel overcapacity "Monthly three newspapers' system. Municipalities, provincial SASAC, to arrange for staff to go to the iron and steel production capacity of the office to report the progress of work for the month before the 26th of each month (the specific list of enterprises to be listed), next month, work plans and proposals; municipalities this month to carry out the land, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other special law enforcement inspection results (including illegal, non-compliance list of enterprises and processing modes, etc.); have the capacity to the end of each business tasks but also by country reporting requirements on time online reporting system. Meanwhile, the municipal government, the provincial SASAC take the city, the unit production capacity to the responsible person, contact person's name, title, contact information (phone, fax, office phone, e-mail, QQ number), etc., reported to the Provincial Steel to office productivity.
Three is a good plan in advance in 2017 to resolve the production capacity. Municipalities, provincial SASAC do you want to go this year, production and acceptance work, carefully detailed decomposition 2017 work program and the capacity to plan, eliminating the need for capacity in the organization and implementation of the program can be planned in advance, the plan does not involve the business equipment , municipalities, provincial SASAC can be increased to increase the energy production enjoy the same policy. 2017 program of work to capacity, plans, must be reported before the iron and steel production capacity to 20 September Leading Group Office.
Second, the relevant requirements
First, quit the capacity to do beforehand to verify, ex post checks, to ensure accuracy. Especially for companies to capacity related to the equipment specifications, models and capacity, municipalities, provincial SASAC to carefully verify, identify problems promptly corrected, and make the task of adjustment must not be a small charge large, or previously eliminated production equipment brought up the numbers, not false impersonator. Next year the National Audit will focus on this as, once identified, should be strictly accountable.
Second, the absolute prohibition of new steel capacity. Municipalities, provincial SASAC to strictly implement the "State Council on serious excess capacity to resolve conflicting guidance" (Guo Fa [2013] No. 41) and the National Development 6 spirit, not in any name or in any way the record capacity projects, Where new projects must be strictly enforced reduction replacement, resolve the tasks that have been included in capacity can not be used to replace. Approval of the record of non-compliance and reduction replacement requirements of the project is not implemented, be dealt with seriously, the cessation of the cessation of the demolition of the demolition, the accountability of accountability.
Contact: Provincial Commission by letter Liangjing Bin 0531-86126258; 86126202 (fax); (mailbox).
Provincial Development and Reform Commission Du Peng 0531-86191891; 86062275 (fax); (mailbox).
Shandong Province, the steel industry overcapacity to resolve a turnaround Development Leading Group Office
September 8, 2016



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