Sichuan: 10 Exit 139 at the end of three years, coal mine production capacity to 6 million tons of steel

With 3-5 years to resolve the excess capacity of about 33.03 million tons of coal
"Capacity to" poor implementation, local official will be interviewed accountability
Arrange two billion yuan of funds for the initiative Yajian backward and excess production capacity of enterprises complement cascade Award
Around November, the province will be the city state "to the production capacity," the completion of each task inventory
Recently, the province held in Chengdu (Sichuan Province, the same below) to resolve the coal industry, iron and China Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet overcapacity television and telephone conference revealed that on the basis of the existing achievements, from this year, the province will use three years to further Yajian steel production capacity 600 tons. Meanwhile, with 3-5 years, Exit to close about 215 coal mines, the coal industry to resolve the overcapacity of about 33.03 million tons.
To complete the annual production target to meeting the requirements of cities and states inverted progress of work. This year the provincial government will "go to production capacity," the city of the state of work into the examination content. Poor implementation of the government will be responsible and accountable interviews with local people. To urge the objectives and tasks, the provincial government will set up four joint working group to strengthen the work of supervision. Around November, the province will be the city state "to the production capacity," the completion of each task inventory.
In order to prevent excess capacity "resurgence", the meeting urged all localities to strictly implement the steel coal industry exit capacity check methods and standards to ensure that production capacity can not be restored; better to accept social supervision, where the inclusion of this year to production tasks and not yet known to the public before the end of September you must complete publicity. Completed tasks to capacity, and the enterprises, mines and other local government organizations at the end of the acceptance must make a public announcement.
To capacity is not "shut up." The province by the provincial financial arrangements related to the integration of two billion yuan of special funds to support local government, provincial enterprises to take the initiative Yajian backward and excess capacity of enterprises awards complement cascade. Awards up funds for the placement of workers.
Steel province existing production capacity 36 million tons, while demand in more than 40 million tons. Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, responsible person, the province's steel industry overcapacity, is "unreasonable product structure, low level of homogeneity" periodically lead to excess. Data from the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission show that in the past three years, the province has shut down small coal mines and eliminate backward production capacity of enterprises 2264, to resolve the coal, pig iron, crude steel production reached 51.2 million tons, 3.28 million tons, 3.57 million tons .
Further promote the "three special action"
To ensure that by the end of 10 coal mines closed exit 139
Production forum on the province's coal mine safety held on September 14 raised, the province this year, intends to close the exit 139 coal mines, and to ensure that the end of October have been finished.
Sichuan Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau official stressed that to close down coal mines, starting from making the decision to close the day must immediately cease all production operations. Voluntary withdrawal from coal or natural Closure closing time must be clear, written report to the county government is located. Off time has been determined, the mine enters pre-closed period, and may not be changed. Close a decision has been made, should be stopped underground mining operations, coal can not be set "payback." Coal mine safety supervision departments at all levels will be urged.
Where has started coal mine resumed production complex program of mine, its hidden rectification time once more than three months (90 days) or by the competent authority for approval to extend 3 times (a total extension of more than 90 days) is still not time for rectification end of mine production, be ordered stop the rectification work, and guide them to exit the coal industry; coal mine "five long five subjects, five teams" and other management personnel and special operations personnel actually on the job does not meet the requirements of coal, and gas floods and other major disasters have not met the requirements of the coal mines, all stop production, construction; production of the mine for review of the trial, all the formalities missing, renovation and expansion project is not completed, should be approved into trial production, trial production has been illegal organization must immediately shut down, and seriously investigated businesses and inspection personnel responsibility; the presence of coal mines shut down when the main fan bureau fan machine, water pump, control system stops functioning and tile work and in mine detection screeners stopped the seizure, worker job training is not in place and other issues, they should immediately stop production for rectification.
For the timely completion of coal mine consolidation to close the task, the province will further promote the "three special action": to accelerate the clean-up of illegal illegal construction projects, the proposed closure of coal mines to increase the supervision and monitoring efforts to prevent sick to run, assault and super production capacity production; strengthening Close supervision of coal mine safety equipment and facilities retracement of the procedure, shut down the machine by preventing the illegal production; increase daily inspections of mine has been closed to prevent the resurgence.



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