Sichuan 'capacity to "Survey: How Yajian people where to go

"Go capacity" is an important task of the supply-side structural reforms, reporters learned that in Sichuan, the next two years, Sichuan will Yajian 4.2 million tons of crude steel, 22.4 million tons of coal and 300 tons of cement and 300 million weight boxes flat glass production capacity. Solve the "how Yajian" "people where to go" and other issues, it is the "key to the production capacity," the smooth progress.
Out of production of "Yinggang Gang"
"Third line" enterprise Pangang Group, was the strategy behind China's largest steel company, now has consecutive losses for many years. "The number of workers more than the cost burden, low labor productivity, production and management extremely difficult." Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Human Resources Minister Mr Young said.
Panzhihua dilemma encountered is typical of industries with excess capacity. Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter data show that last year, Sichuan China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil, coal industry capacity utilization was 61% and 56%, are serious excess capacity status.
To "go capacity" is not easy. In recent years, steel prices fell sharply, the more the more loss of production, however, a steel company official admitted that if the capacity shut down, all investments "boondoggle children" greater losses. "In industries with excess capacity, companies want other companies to remove capacity, leaving their capacity."
"We resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, and actively resolve excess capacity." Sichuan Provincial Commission by letter, chief economist Huang Chaoyang said that the authorities are seriously implement the "Sichuan Province to promote supply-side structural reform plan" and 5 embodiment and 17 concrete measures to grasp the iron and steel, coal production capacity to implement the work.
It is understood, eliminate backward production capacity of Sichuan unequivocal "Yinggang Gang", and not up to standard steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, plate glass, coal production can be closed. Currently, Sichuan is firmly out of 400 cubic meters and below blast furnace, 30 tons and below, converter steel and 30 tons and below, steelmaking furnace and other backward production equipment.
Shutting down is not enough equipment to be removed. Reporters learned to quit iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, plate glass, coal production capacity, requires the removal of Sichuan conditions removed immediately, it will not have the immediate removal of the conditions of water, electricity, removal of the power plant, smelting equipment storage, and limit removed.
Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Statistics chief economist Xiong Jianzhong said the first half of this year, Sichuan pig iron production fell 7.7 percent, crude steel production fell 8.5%, ten kinds of nonferrous metals output fell 20.1%, to the capacity effect is obvious.
Improve the quality increase "effective supply"
A research report by the Sichuan Provincial Information Commission show that last year, Sichuan steel production capacity 36 million tons, the actual output of 22 million tons, the market demand of about 40 million tons. The main reason is the relative structural surplus of steel products for the construction of Sichuan steel, unable to meet the market demand for high-end products, purchased through the gap to make up.
This reflects an increase "effective supply" urgency. Southwest University of Finance and Professor Zhao Guoliang believes that the steel industry is a serious industry overcapacity, but many still rely heavily on imports of steel products, such products not only "excess" and just a "short board" enterprises to speed up technological innovation, improve product quality .
"We want to provide more high-quality industrial products." Said Huang Chaoyang, Sichuan will encourage enterprises to accelerate innovation and upgrading, to support enterprises to strengthen product innovation, technological innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation of formats, by species, raise quality and brand.
Excess capacity from extensive government guidance to "accurate delivery." Sichuan clearly made great efforts to develop high-end products, around the "V-Ti + steel" "RE + Steel," to develop major equipment, rail transportation, aerospace, nuclear power, wind power, high-speed rail cars and machine parts with a special steel, stainless steel, pure steel, high strength steel and high alloy steel.
"From the indicators in the first half of this year, the proportion of high energy consumption has decreased, the proportion of high technology to improve, new products, new formats are developing very fast." Xiong Jianzhong said.
Smooth reorientation multi-channel re-employment
Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission data show that Sichuan iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal, cement and other industries "zombie companies" involving 300,000 employees. Solve the employment stability Kong, shunt placement problem to a large extent affect the "capacity to" the smooth progress.
It is understood that Sichuan has increased the prize up support for the initiative Yajian backward and excess production capacity of enterprises, considering Yajian quit producing energy, time schedule and the number of workers to implement resettlement complement cascade awards, rewards and subsidies mainly for Manpower Staffing, to promote the smooth reorientation of workers, multi-channel re-employment.
Minister of Lands and the Department of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Wu Tiejun said last batch Panzhihua Negotiations 16,000 workers labor contracts, this year is expected to flow through people. "Overall, workers shunt placement smooth and orderly work."
How to make workers accept the fact that companies must transition? CSST is the Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, Pan Cheng Gang, deputy party secretary Cai Yonghong said workers diversion program introduced six months ago, CSST it through the company's newspapers, television stations, micro Bo, micro-channel and other media, the release of information to employees, allowing workers knew, as early as digestion, early preparation.
Personnel triage test of the ability of local employment service and the ability to accommodate the primary employment sector. Panzhihua party secretary Zhang Yan said that party committees and governments to shunt Pioneer provides financial and policy support, the Panzhihua "Sunshine Kang support" tourism development is very rapid, substantial increase in visitors for the grass-roots entrepreneurship opportunities.



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