Southern European HRC Steel prices decline to 282EUR a ton

The Southern European hot rolled cold (HRC) steel prices declined €5 a ton week-on-week to €282 a ton during the week ended November 27, as per the latest figures from the Steel Index.

In Southern Europe, amid mostly uncompetitive import offers, domestic producers were trying to keep their prices stable between €280-290 a ton depending on the mill.

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Although some Italian producers are starting to talk about imminent price increases of up to €20 a ton, market participants have noted that new orders are still being fulfilled at the current price level. 

According to TSI, North European HRC benchmark index lost a further €9 a ton since last Friday, finishing the week at €317 a ton.

Reacting to persistently weak demand, offer prices slipped to around €325 a ton from first-tier producers and €310 a ton from smaller mills.

However, buyers remain unconvinced that prices won’t fall any further, and continue to withhold their orders.



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