Steel Reform Revelation: 2.04 million tons of steel production capacity to smooth curtain call

Quietly stands the blast furnace, witnessed the busy and noisy, is undergoing a profound change.
In 1956, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company, the predecessor of Hefei Iron and Steel Plant to start. This year the province's largest steel joint venture, has carried countless Hefei people's pride and dreams.
"At that time, heard the sound of blast furnace blast furnace blast furnace open after the opening, the hearts of a faint sad." August 30, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) party secretary Xu Jinsong said.
60 years of trials and hardships, located in the east gate of Hefei this piece of land, has never been so quiet as today.
And more than 10 kilometers away from the Hefei circular economy park, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) sheet metal company launched a new galvanized sheet production line, is accelerating the construction.
How the excess capacity out of order?
- "not because of the heavy burden of waiting, not because of difficulties and not as." Unity of thought is the premise, business initiative is the key, government support is guaranteed
"Is to stop production, rather than overhaul, which means that more than 4,000 employees to end the company's career, all employees are experiencing a huge ideological fluctuations." Turning to the case of shutting down, Xu Jinsong admitted that this was facing The biggest pressure and challenge. Thinking of the state of volatility, energy is difficult to focus on the work easy to go wrong, "such as the driver of a company master, from the city to Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) plate company this section of the road almost every day trip, but a few days actually ran the wrong way . "
Iron and China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet enterprises smelting production, involving high temperature, hazardous chemicals, radioactive sources, hazardous media and other risks, shut down the process there is a special technical complexity. To produce three blast furnace, they need to shut down one by one, but stopped one, the balance of power medium will be broken, it must be re-balance, or it will create a security risk.
On the one hand, cut-off work needs to be fine everywhere, on the other hand, workers are experiencing the anxiety caused by shutdown. How to ensure safe and stable shut down, as a prominent problem.
Shutting down a nearly 60-year-old and has been in the production and operation of the old enterprises, both from the decision-making level or the implementation level, are faced with many such dilemma. Which need to get rid of ideological hesitation wait and see, to maintain strength and endurance.
"Hefei municipal party committee reform office in the relevant report pointed out that Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) iron and steel company to bring an important reform of production capacity is that the unity of thinking in order to unify action."
May 2006, the company was reorganized by the Magang Group of the original steel group was established. "That year is to achieve profit of 20 million yuan, and until 2014 are profitable, Hefei Xinqiao Airport, High Speed Rail South Station, Metro Line 1 to Line 3 and other key construction projects have used our products, employees have been Pride. "Company Discipline Inspection Commission, trade union chairman Wang Wenbao said.
Only from the business indicators, it seems not "irrelevant." However, the general trend of development of the steel industry, the low-end products, the contradiction between excess capacity is increasingly prominent, is the supply side structural reform to focus on production capacity areas. Shutting down the company's smelting and related ancillary capacity, is to promote the supply side of the structural reform of the inevitable requirement. At the same time, with the rapid development of the provincial capital, the company smelting production line near the skyscrapers, densely populated. As the level of equipment is relatively backward, environmental standards "difficult", has been included in the national iron and steel eliminate backward production capacity plan.
Although the production capacity will bring labor pains, but later than to go early, passive than active. September 2015, the provincial government decided to Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company smelting capacity completely shut down, involving all the assets and personnel received by the Hefei City.
"Strict implementation of environmental protection, energy consumption and other laws and regulations and industrial policies, fail to meet the standards of steel production according to the law in accordance with the law to exit." The State Council issued in February this year, "on the steel industry to resolve excess capacity to achieve relief development" clearly put forward such a Claim.
Shutting down Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) iron and steel smelting capacity and the spirit of this policy is highly compatible. Nearly three months in advance to implement the shut down, more fully reflects the province's steel industry to the production capacity of unity of thinking, self-pressure, ton output capacity of the courage and decisiveness.
In this process, Hefei and Maanshan Iron and Steel Group initiative to communicate docking, established "according to the law, taking into account the interests of all parties, the proper placement of workers to ensure social stability" principle, around the smelting production safety shut down and receive workers properly diverted Resettlement and other key and difficult, in-depth study, elaborate implementation plan.
"To play the main role of enterprises to protect their decision-making power," the provincial government put forward this principle has been fully reflected. Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company put forward the "safety first" of the total production requirements. Maanshan Iron and Steel Group to mobilize the whole group of experts and technical strength, has six times on the shutdown program to demonstrate improvement. December 19, 2015, cut-off program implementation, and complete the safety shutdown tasks ahead of schedule.
How to eliminate the ideological fluctuations of the workforce for the impact of safe shutdown is on the city of Hefei, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) steel company's direct test.
"In this process, we focus on the cadres at all levels and management team to play a leading role." Xu Jinsong said that the face of business shut down, to some extent, the largest gap between the cadres. But the key moment they do their best to exclude ideological interference, each production and business units are shutting down the production line to develop a detailed program, and one by one control implementation.
Wang Wenbao said that in the face of the same situation, cadres and management personnel to stand up and rushed in front, reflects the dedication, the overall situation of the spirit and feelings. In the shunt placement, the management team, despite its "uncertain future", but still use the Spring Festival holiday interpretation of resettlement policies and programs for workers, the workers also have greater persuasion and appeal.
Adhere to the main business at the same time, play the active role of the government, is actively and orderly to resolve the fundamental guarantee of excess capacity.
Hefei Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government organized and organized more than 20 special working conference on shunt resettlement of Maanshan Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company, and put forward 10 kinds of resettlement ways, such as state-owned enterprise recruitment and public welfare job placement, etc., More than 2.2 billion yuan. The relevant departments of the municipal government organized the on-site working group to hold more than 80 symposiums of the staff and workers to discuss and discuss the resettlement plan and receive hundreds of consultation from the staff and workers every day for six months.
Li Xiaofang, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hefei, is a member of the Working Group. "This year's Spring Festival is in the horse of the company." He said that we work almost every day for more than 12 hours during the day and extensive contact with cadres and workers in the evening will work every day encounter new situations and new problems summarized analysis for decision- Research and propose solutions. "Only the relevant draft program of work, it is loaded with two sacks."
December 19, 2015, the company shut down the smelting capacity to start work, just five days, three production of blast furnace, two converter and bar, wire production line have achieved safe shutdown, together with the previously discontinued a blast furnace, 1 Block converter and the only coke oven, the cumulative out of 1.6 million tons of iron production capacity, steel production capacity of 2.04 million tons, coke production capacity of 300,000 tons.
Shunt workers how to secure placement?
- "first digging, after the release of water" "to ensure that employees have a choice." According to the law in accordance with the rules, fair and impartial, classified policy, affection, the greatest degree of protection of workers interests
"Many people cell phone also holds the company's last blast furnace shutdown when the photo was a lot of people out of tears, we feel very complicated." Now has worked for the Hefei Water Supply Group, Wang Yun, said the second water plant. She has served as the assistant director of the testing room of the manufacturing department of Magang (Hefei) Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and helped manage over 100 employees. "Now, brothers and sisters gradually adapt to the new position, often in a circle of friends' show 'work under the state, I sincerely for everyone' s progress was pleased.
"The placement of workers as the most important work to resolve the excess capacity." The provincial government on July 30 the introduction of "on the steel industry to resolve excess capacity to achieve the implementation of the views of poverty alleviation," clearly stressed that the main business, local organizations, Principle, classification and orderly policy, and do a good job of staff placement.
Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company to the production capacity of a total of 4838 workers need to shunt placement. "Re-employment is the people's livelihood." Hefei municipal government in the company's restructuring and development work leading group work conference that the placement of workers to resettlement placement, clear "first dig drainage, after the release of water" ideas, Owned enterprises and public welfare positions on the excavation of more than 5,000 jobs for workers to choose.
In addition to retrenchment and heavy sickness support staff, the number of jobs has exceeded the number of people in need of employment, so as to ensure that employees have a choice.
"Many state-owned enterprises are currently in control of the size of the staff, but we proceed from the overall situation, the resettlement work as an important task, to assume the social responsibility." Li Xiaofang said, "diversion resettlement specific work arrangements, Highlighting the people-oriented, affectionate principle of operation.
In order to enable workers to the greatest extent to understand the new position, and then choose their own posts, Hefei SASAC requirements of each recruitment unit to develop recruitment programs, the organization of special recruitment, operation of the sun, and even the units at the scene of the display board content and specifications Have made clear provisions. The original provisions of the selection period is half a month, but many jobs have been extended to a month, the purpose is to allow employees to have sufficient time to choose. All units out of the job if there is no full withdrawal are not allowed to withdraw in advance, the greatest degree of protection of workers the right to choose.
Difficulties and confusion of workers are often specific and micro.
47-year-old Dong Yongbao is the original steel rolling mill repair side operations, veterans origin, diligent in the study, technology perfect, in the post to do it handy. "He said that later, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) sheet metal companies like him to the age of 45-50 years of age, he is not very good, Between the staff and technical personnel to be absorbed and placed all, so he has a new useless.
The demands of each class of workers are different. To this end, Hefei, Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company to take classifications policy, and strive to allow workers to "choose": to the end of the financial support, to provide public service positions, to receive retreat and severe illness staff; "4050" The workers in the workplace injury, life difficulties and other workers under the same conditions in the priority placement, to ensure the safety of the population, To ensure that there is no "zero employment" families.
"Must adhere to the law according to the rules and mercy operation of both, in particular, classification policy, but also in the policy boundaries to grasp the law according to the law, in operation to achieve open and fair." Li Xiaofang, shunt placement, internal retirement, Personnel and the recruitment and placement of the batches are published publicity results, to accept supervision. Fair and impartial operating procedures, to the greatest extent protect the interests of workers.
How to adapt to new positions as soon as possible?
- from passive placement to active integration into the "last mile" is essential. Both need to actively take the initiative to adapt to the mentality of workers, but also the whole society in an open and inclusive posture, to help divert workers as soon as possible to find a sense of belonging
Tan Quanxu served as director of Party Building Department of Political Department of Magang (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company. As the staff diversion placement adhere to the "first workers, after the cadres," she has been until the middle of June came to the new unit - Anhui Public Resources Group reported that as the group's human resources director.
"The new unit, the new post, my heart quite disturbed." Tan whole theory, but the first day to the office, see my colleagues have her office supplies and work permits are ready, all of a sudden was warm and inclusive atmosphere moved .
"Let the production capacity was diverted to the new posts of workers, as soon as possible from the passive placement to integration, is not to be overlooked 'last mile'." Li Xiaofang said, shunt placement of workers found a new position, but if long- Can not be integrated into the new work state, is not conducive to individual development of workers, may also produce new conflicts in the isolated state.
Hefei, the state-owned assets, human society and other departments related enterprises and units held nearly 40 forums, repeatedly stressed that the diversion of workers in the steel industry for a long time to work, to the new position, whether working conditions or living conditions have undergone great changes , Need to give them adequate adaptation period. As a receiving unit, but also to take the initiative as to help them adapt to new jobs as soon as possible, new posts.
Hefei Water Supply Group has absorbed a total of 50 Mahe company workers. "The group set up a working group headed by the chairman of the board of directors, from the recruitment, training to the posts of each link are meticulous arrangements, full respect for personal wishes." The Group Human Resources Minister Wang Guanjun said the company specifically requires all employees Not to mention the "placement of staff", dilute the color diversion placement, so that these new recruits into the new posts as soon as possible.
From the current situation, their high professionalism, work dedication, high recognition of the new post. In his spare time, many people also participate in the organization of the national fitness, outdoor development activities. Positive attitude, is to allow them to adapt to new roles as soon as possible.
Anhui Public Resources Trading Group, although the newly formed soon, but also actively involved in the work of shunt resettlement. "We have come up with a total of five positions." The group human resources department heads, despite the high professional threshold for bidding, iron and steel enterprise employees, "span" great, but this is only a different division of labor, not individuals Quality and ability of the difference. As long as there is a strong, willing to learn, can gradually adapt.
Liu Dongsong, a 32-year-old former assistant to the manufacturing office of the steelmaking plant at Maanshan Iron & Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company, became a head of the group's business unit in June.
"Liu Dongsong said, since his entry, in addition to his induction training, but also the use of spare time to learn the operation of norms, laws and regulations and related projects, such as the" Process, is a step by step to become familiar with and adapt to new positions.
"After embarking on a new job, the city's SASAC leadership is still concerned about the title of our assessment, I am particularly touched." Here, Liu Dongsong some excitement.
Transformation and upgrading to "retreat"?
- Great efforts to "go" is to substantially "into." To revitalize the market, for the transformation and development advantages, the first to stop the construction of a comparison shows that the steel industry to eliminate backward production capacity more decisive and effective, turnaround development, transformation and upgrading The steps will be more firm and clear.
Smelting capacity shut down, the sheet metal manufacturing to become Maanshan Iron and Steel (Hefei) Iron and Steel Company's main industry. Is under construction in the continuous galvanizing production line, has completed the main frame.
"Is to speed up the progress, and strive to put into operation in March next year." Yan Min, deputy general manager of the company introduced the steel industry to gradually achieve the results of production capacity, the overall plate market rose steadily, galvanized line can be put into operation more than 100 million yuan.
Galvanized line project construction of the rapid advance, is benefited from the full revitalization of the smelting capacity shut down after the "Teng" out of the technical and management personnel resources. In the resettlement of the employees, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group's engineering technology, environmental protection, logistics and other service sector, respectively, set up branches in Hefei, absorbed 29 professional and technical and management backbone. Among them, the engineering and technical branch to take the lead in the market, take the galvanized line project construction management tasks.
"In the excess capacity on the intensity of the 'go', but also to the new main business sector on a substantial 'Jin.'" Xu Jinsong, said the company can continue to profit, rely on advanced management concepts and capable personnel Team. The accumulation of smelting production capacity accumulated by the technical and human resources, will be able to transform and upgrade the enterprise to add new impetus and new advantages. At present, the board companies have absorbed more than 50 management and technical backbone, remodeling management structure, the main plate for the development of high-end savings.
Expand the market consumption, and promote cooperation between steel enterprises and downstream users, and promote the steel in the automotive, machinery and equipment and other fields to expand the application and upgrading of the State Council "on the steel industry to resolve excess capacity to achieve the development of relief" clearly put forward this upgrade path. Deep plowing the market, it is the urgent requirements of the company's transformation and upgrading.
Hefei is the country's largest home appliance manufacturing base, an important automotive and mechanical equipment manufacturing base, steel demand, the major steel enterprises compete in Hefei market, competition is fierce. The company as a sheet metal manufacturing "rising star", currently occupies 15% of the market share, to enhance the larger space. To this end, the company is gathering strength, the smelting plate marketers all absorbed into the plate company, to enrich and improve the localization of direct sales network, and strive to expand marketing, and downstream enterprises to build more stable relations of cooperation.
"By firmly rooted in the local market, and gradually explore a fine, efficient transformation and upgrading of new ways." Xu Jinsong said.
Make good use of capacity to land resources, but also conducive to promoting industrial upgrading.
According to the relevant policies, the industrial land after the withdrawal of iron and steel production capacity, converting production for the productive service industry and other countries to encourage the development of the industry, in 5 years to continue the original use and land use type land. Hefei Municipal Reform Office, at present, the city is planning to co-ordinate the horse company and the surrounding land, planning and development of strategic emerging industries and modern service industry. Soon, this short silence of the land, will once again boiling.
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