Steel and other state-owned enterprises in industries with excess inclusion exit list

August 22, Beijing Office released microblogging letter Beijing Daily quoted the sources said, the SASAC has recently promulgated the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating disadvantages and do not meet the capital of functional orientation of state-owned enterprises out of service" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance "), the capital of functional orientation does not meet the six companies were included in exit list. Including high energy consumption, high water consumption and high pollution enterprises; iron and China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil, coal, cement, building materials and other industries with excess capacity of enterprises and low-end chain enterprises; long-term losses, losses hopeless enterprises.
"Guidance" proposed, will be based on the strategic positioning of the capital city to the main pipe capital deepening state owned enterprise reform, accelerate invalid inefficient assets, excess capacity and a number of businesses Exit "zombie" companies, state-owned capital allocation and to improve operational efficiency, enhance the economic vitality of the state-owned, control, influence and ability to resist risks.
"Guidance" to maintain a policy of consistency and continuity, but also reflects the ease of non-function of the new capital requirements. Municipal state-owned enterprises exit, in addition to asset restructuring, equity transfer, close the cut-off, log off, outside of bankruptcy, but also increased the relocation of the way. To resolve excess capacity, the city government a deadline for shutting down, companies take the initiative to ease the exit of these three companies will be subject to different forms of support for active employees shunt placement fees, the transfer of social management costs for retirees, retired cadres management fees, non operating costs of the transfer of assets to give some support. Exit completion of the work will be included in the scope of the enterprise responsible for performance evaluation and evaluation of the Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and inspection business leaders of economic responsibility audit process as an important content.
Attached inclusion of six state-owned enterprises to exit the list:
1 is a high-energy, high water consumption, high pollution enterprises;
2. in the steel, coal, cement, building materials and other industries with excess capacity and low-end chain business enterprise;
3. Long-term losses, losses hopeless, mainly by government subsidies and bank Xudai maintain operation of the "zombie" companies, shell companies, and long-term revoke the business license of the enterprise;
4. Grade IV or less and the loss of control of the enterprise;
5. The equity ratio is small, the actual control of weak enterprises;
6. Other capital does not meet the functional orientation of the enterprise.



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