Steel enterprises seeking coal to get the National Development and Reform Commission response.

Steel enterprises seeking coal has been the National Development and Reform Commission response.
Reporters learned yesterday, September 22 National Development and Reform Commission issued an urgent meeting notice, called the provincial economic operation and management departments and coal management departments, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, China Coal Industry Association, transportation and electricity Dispatch and other departments held a forum on the morning of September 23 to study and analyze the current coal production, transportation, demand, price situation, the existence of the problem, judged a few months after this year, coal supply and demand trends.
China Iron and Steel Industry Association recently submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission documents, reflecting the hope that the coal mine to increase the supply of coal, to fulfill the demands of the contract, the newspaper reported on the 22nd, the domestic steel industry, coal supply shortages.
"This meeting in addition to coal and steel industry participants, also called transportation, power dispatch and other related industries within the industry, we can see that the Development and Reform Commission would like to comprehensively address the coal supply and demand." Analysts told reporters.
Coke coke short-term price increases to the steel plant has brought a certain amount of trouble. "The recent price changes quickly, coking coal supply contract implementation is not in place the situation does exist, but less." A coking industry told reporters, "like some of Shanxi coking plant, because the contract price is low, after coke Up 200 yuan per ton, the contract performance is not in place.
Domestic coking coal supply tight, coking coal imports also in short supply. "Overseas coking coal rose more than the domestic coastal port coking coal supply is very tight, leading to the major coastal ports are in a state of no goods." The sources told reporters, "before August when put the goods in September Sold out, and now in September is also basically finished the goods in October.
22, all over the country coking coal prices rose, are the highest this year, a new high. Price shows, Hebei, Shandong coke price hikes generally reached 50-60 yuan / ton; Shanxi Linfen, Changzhi and other coke prices rose 100 yuan / ton. Overseas imports of coking coal prices also continued to rise, the 21-day agency Ore King ore offer 200 US dollars / ton, the chain rose 7.5 US dollars / ton.
In this regard, analysts believe that, on the one hand because of limited coal production, coal resources supply continued tight; the other hand, because the National Day holiday during the mine are facing cut-off holidays, further tightening the supply of resources, the current downstream steel mills, coking plants are In the active preparation of coal in response to the arrival of the National Day holiday.
Coking coal prices also have a reason is that "the new regulations out of steam" makes the logistics costs, the pressure allocated to the upstream and downstream industry chain. It is reported that 23 from Xuyang Group coke fire transport prices rose 60 yuan / ton, car 80 yuan / ton.
Iron and steel industry is facing pressure to supply coal tension, you can use steel, coal production data by a minus one to explain.
"Iron and steel production capacity is mainly zombie enterprises, production and illegal production capacity, so little impact on the actual output of steel, crude steel and steel production in August continued to grow, but the 276 working days of coal restrictions directly affect the supply, coal production this year Has continued to decline. "Analysts told reporters.
August data show that the national crude steel production of 68.57 million tons, an increase of 3%; steel production 97.91 million tons, an increase of 4% this year, an increase of 2.2%. The coal production continued to decline significantly, in August the national coal output 278 million tons, down 11%, 5 consecutive months of decline has remained at 10% or more.
For the recent supply of coal, Development and Reform Commission had held on the 8th of this month, "stable supply of coal, curb coal prices rose to start the work plan," part of the advanced coal production capacity relaxation, but the total annual production capacity unchanged, the meeting did not coking coal Coke production to make adjustments. Industry sources, the current Shenhua, Yitai and Huadian Group, part of the coal mine in September has been allowed to increase production.
However, the effect of supply relaxation is not reflected in the short term coal prices. On 21 September, the Bohai Bay thermal coal price index continued to refresh the year's record to close at 554 yuan per ton, up 17 yuan per ton from the previous reporting period.
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Foreign media: China's limited production led to coking coal prices skyrocketed.
Over the past six weeks, international coking coal prices have soared, and premium hard coking coal prices have more than doubled to more than $ 200 per tonne, due to reduced supply, according to the Financial Times.
Behind this price hike is China's limit on coal production, which calls for coal companies to reduce their annual working days from 330 days to 276 days. Although the main purpose of this policy is to improve the profitability of China's coal industry, but also lead to production decline, and the global coking coal market into a supply of tension, and Australia, a series of production disruptions exacerbated supply tensions.
If coking coal prices continue to rise, may include Anglo American and BHP Billiton, including mining giants to increase billions of dollars in revenue. In other commodities prices continue to slump in the case, which is undoubtedly with them is a windfall.
On the other hand, rising coking coal prices may push up steel costs, resulting in other daily commodity costs, which will have a crucial impact on the global economy.



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