Steel production in Hubei Province special action to advance to the end of September

2, from the Commission by letter informed Hubei Xiaogan City of Steel Co., Ltd. 5 20-ton electric furnace equipment demolition ceremony, which is in Hubei Province to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity of special steel industry, the pace of action is another concrete manifestation of the action It expected to be completed end of September, the state ahead of time than three months.
Relevant person in charge of Provincial Commission by letter of the weight of said five 20-ton electric furnace production capacity of 900,000 tons, has served for the development of Xiaogan City of Steel Co., Ltd. has played a great supporting role, but according to "defuse the steel industry in Hubei Province excess capacity plan "requirements, the need to immediately shut down and dismantled 400 cubic meters and below blast furnace (in line with" the exception of pig iron casting enterprises that standardize conditions "casting blast furnace), and below 30 tons of converter steel (excluding ferroalloy converter ), and below 30 t EAF (except steel furnace) and other backward production equipment, so that the backward production capacity and production equipment should be returned back to do.
According to reports, Hubei realities of the province, the firm completed nationally defined Yajian 2.28 million tons of excess capacity, while the task to carry out the iron and China Galvalume Steel Sheet industry, eliminate backward production capacity of special action. Following a thorough clean-up, the province intends to 600,000 tons of iron, 4.16 million tons of steel production capacity all-out, accounting for 10% of total capacity, efforts, goal weight. Involving 10 enterprises, of which, and Dan Dan Fu, Wuhan Minguang, Wuhan Xing, Huang Shizhong Hong, Macheng Xinxin, Shishou Shun Fat, Xiaogan Jinda seven companies and backward production capacity need to be removed, Chibi Minfa and yang, Xinhua 2 whole enterprises closed down exit.
Reporters learned that the coming period, Xiaogan City of Steel Co., Ltd. will not be new steel production capacity, but the transformation and upgrading, the main direction on the development of high value-added product development & production.



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