Stronger domestic steel operation

Domestic steel prices continue to rise, although the high turnover increased resistance, but at a low cost inventory and raise driven operation pattern China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet city on the strong side for a moment, will not change. Iron ore market is basically finishing market.
According to the latest market report well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 99.2 points, a week rose 1.72%. Currently, the Black futures price shocks and downs, billet t price dropped to 2250 yuan price. Steel prices in the spot market volatility is still higher, with hot rolled coil prices rose faster. While the steel market high turnover increase of resistance, but low inventories and cost elevation factors, driven by stronger shocks steel city or pattern.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices rose somewhat narrowed. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei, t price week rose 20-70 yuan, the Beijing-Tianjin and Fuzhou only market prices fell slightly. Can be seen in Shanghai and other markets, prices rose slightly, but the turnover in weakness. However, due to low inventory market, coupled with the late arrival of the new resources are limited, the business mentality still.
On the plate market, prices are still rising. Hot rolled coil prices rose sharply, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou, tons of price week rose 30-120 yuan. In Beijing, Tianjin market, due to the drive futures and billet prices, the spot steel prices rise, the market "do more" positive sentiment, some businesses reluctant to sell, but the auction began to slip weeks late, become more cautious attitude. Plate prices continue to rise, Jinan, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, tons of price week rose 10-70 yuan. Due to low inventories, businesses selling pressure is limited.
Iron ore market is a relatively stable pattern. According to the latest report of the organization, in the domestic ore market in Hebei iron powder prices continue to rise, t price rose about 10-20 yuan. Domestic steel mills purchase iron powder enthusiasm declined slightly, but the resources are still relatively tight iron powder, iron powder prices remained firm. The price of imported ore prices around $ 60 a tonne price continues to finishing. As of 18 May, Platts 62% grade iron ore index closed at 61.4 US dollars per ton a week up $ 0.3. At present, domestic steel blast furnace operating rate remained at 86-87%, in the case of steel mills profits remain high, iron ore procurement is still positive, the domestic iron ore port stocks declined.
Relevant institutions analysts believe that the recent environmental protection, energy policy efforts continue to yield to force, the domestic steel market is expected to reduce the presence of supply in the supply side. However, the demand side of the steel city is also facing weaker demand pressures. In the short term, the domestic steel market is still in the "double weak supply and demand" situation, steel prices will continue shock consolidation trend.



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