Taiwanese Containerized Scrap import prices remain flat at usd 151 a ton

Prices  for containerized Taiwanese imports of HMS # 1&2 80:20 remained flat during  the week ended December 25, as per the latest figures from The Steel  Index.

Taiwanese mills are refusing to cave in to the offered price of  what ISRI-grade scrap suppliers are asking for. Although a few mills have  indicated a slight willingness to up their bid levels, it is still not enough to  meet what the suppliers want. 

Domestic scrap prices ticked  up last week but according to some market participants the rise is purely for  domestic scrap which, in comparison to the imported price, is far lower.  

Mills have thus raised domestic rebar prices as well. This time round  there was an increase in work orders, however, the selling price of rebar  (margin) will not justify the asking price of imported scrap, mills say.  

Consequently, the prices for containerized Taiwanese imports of HMS  #1&2 80:20 remained flat at $151 aton CFR Taiwanese port during the  week.



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