The European Union has decided to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese hot-rolled flat steel and heavy-gauge steel

The European Commission on the 7th decided to import from China's hot-rolled flat steel and thick steel plate impose provisional anti-dumping duties to quickly deal with "unfair competition."
The European Commission issued a statement saying its investigation confirmed that Chinese products were sold at dumping prices in the European market. In order to protect the EU manufacturers, the European Commission decided to import from China's heavy plate 65.1% to 73.7% tariffs on hot-rolled flat steel levy 13.2% to 22.6% tariffs.
The statement said that the European Commission will decide in the next six months whether to continue to implement the relevant measures.
Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang August 17 in a regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce said this year, it is regrettable to see the EU in the protectionist forces of the call for a variety of steel products in China implemented a trade remedy Measures, to take a series of unfair, irrational or even contrary to the practice of international rules. The EU's tightening of steel trade policy, tighter means, frequent cases, protectionism tend to highlight.
Shen Danyang reminded that China's steel products in the EU market share of less than 5%, the EU steel industry will not cause a serious impact. He said that many experts and people of insight have analyzed very clearly that the root causes of the European steel dilemma is not in trade, but the economic growth caused by fatigue. If you do not see the root causes of the EU steel dilemma is growth, and to take trade protection, fair market competition and other wrong practices will make the EU lost the direction of development of the steel industry, can not find the right response.
Shen Danyang said that China and the EU have broad cooperation potential and space in the field of iron and steel, and we are willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with the EU to properly solve the problems faced by the current steel industry.



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