The US exported 646064 mt of China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet products in November

The US exported 646,064 mt of China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet products in November, a 9.29 percent drop from the 712,210 mt exported in October and a 25.35 percent decline from the 865,436 mt exported in November 2014. The top destinations for US produced steel products in November were NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico, with 330,330 mt and 241,232 mt, respectively. Other top destinations for US China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet exports were China, with 7,423 mt; India, with 7,238 mt; Belgium, with 5,148 mt; and Korea, with 4,318 mt. The top steel products exported in November were HDG sheets and strip, with 90,051 mt, a 10.9 percent drop from October’s total of 101,072 mt and an 8.68 percent decrease from November 2014’s total of 98,610 mt; cut-length plate, at 78,392 mt, down 7.59 percent month-on-month from 84,832 mt and down 15.58 percent year-on-year from 92,865; hot rolled sheets, at 53,393 mt, down 5.26 percent month-on-month from 56,358 mt and down 3.81 percent year-on-year from 55,506 mt; and cold rolled sheets, at 50,568 mt, up 3.13 percent month-on-month from 49,031 mt and up 16.6 percent year-on-year from 43,365.



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