The domestic steel market, "Golden September" market is difficult now iron ore prices down again

While the traditional "Golden September" season, but the China Galvalume Steel Sheet spot market demand is not expected to get as significantly boost steel prices also fell. Iron ore prices down again.
According to the latest market report well-known steel information organizations "My iron and steel" to provide the latest week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 99.4 points, down 0.56% week. Xianyanghouyi domestic steel prices, first again in some areas environmental news, driven by limited production, prices were slightly up, but the transaction is not satisfactory, followed by the black futures prices fell across the board impact, the steel city confidence in the setback, coupled with the trading atmosphere light, expanded daily price declines, only on weekends the stabilized. Merchant had anticipated "Golden September" market does not appear.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices fell. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan and other places tonne price fell one week 10-80 yuan, only Hefei, Guangzhou and a few other places prices rose slightly. In Shanghai and other markets, the business on offer "with the down" phenomenon evident. The market is "not chase chase down", resulting in weak trading conditions, the downstream demand side just demand procurement.
Plate market prices. Hot rolled coil prices continue to fall, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other places tonne price fell 10-90 yuan week. Market shrinking turnover, businesses getting goods enthusiasm is not high. Plate prices continue downward, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other places tonne price fell one week 10-80 yuan, only a slight rise in the market price of Chongqing. Although turnover in some areas weak, mainstream quotations falling, but some low business inventories and demand side there is a certain demand for replenishment, the next step is estimated to continue down the space is limited.
Iron ore market "hot" up. According to the latest report of the relevant institutions in the domestic ore market in Hebei iron ore fines price to smooth the main. Although this year iron ore prices rebounded, but the domestic mining enterprises still run deep loss, the domestic mining operating rate remained at a relatively low level. Imported ore price falling, as of 8, 62% grade iron ore-related index closed at 58.45 US dollars per ton, down $ 1.7 week. Data show that Australia's largest bulk terminal iron ore exports in August surged to record levels, which enhances the market "cheap supply of strong" impression that some investment banks predict this situation will continue until at least the year late last year, it imported ore price will play an inhibitory effect.
Analysis of relevant institutions believe that late in the macroeconomic level, fixed asset investment growth and economic activity will tend to improve, the domestic steel market will form a boost. However, the domestic steel prices even if the callback, space is limited, or in a narrow range consolidation trend mainly short term.



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