The primary stage of development of China's steel is still green

The primary stage of development of Chinas steel is still green
Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute of Chinese steel companies first published green ratings. This is the first time in the domestic steel industry. In 2015 included in the scope of the green rating major steel companies, 56 companies scored 60 points or more, there are 13 companies score 60 points or less.
It reported that the inclusion of green rating range has 69 steel enterprises, total crude steel production of 599 million tons (in 2014), accounting for about 73% of the national total, basically represents the mainstream of China's steel industry. The rating is supported by the Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Engineering Assessment Center.
It should be noted that the results of 2015 ratings reflect the 2014 annual Chinese steel enterprises overall level of green development. 2015 in response to the new "environmental law" and the new standards, the steel companies have continued to implement a series of environmental transformation and upgrading project is expected in 2016 rankings, China's steel enterprises green development the overall situation will be greatly improved.
Party Secretary Liu Zhenjiang Steel Association, said, "Twelve Five" since the energy saving steel industry as a whole has improved quickly, but there are good and bad among corporate environmental governance, investment gap is large, the total emissions of the whole industry and other issues. Meanwhile, China has about 1.2 billion tons of steel production capacity, resolve excess capacity is the highlight of the restructuring. Green development assessments undertaken to resolve the overcapacity in the industry, the transformation and upgrading is a difference.
According to experts, green rating score of companies have the following typical characteristics: First, pay attention to environmental information disclosure, regularly published "Environmental Report", showing the green development results to the public through a variety of media and public scrutiny; secondly, with some production scale, high degree of equipment modernization, higher value-added products, leading environmental philosophy and management level; third, environmental transformation efforts, environmental transformation investment and environmental costs are among the best; fourth, clean factory building highlights, Factory Relative beautiful appearance, focusing on urban harmony and communion; Fifth, pay attention to the development of green industry, unique in terms of green procurement and green products.
But in promoting green rating process, also we encountered some problems to be solved. "China has more than 500 steel enterprises, public green rating index data related to 100 enterprises do not." Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute Li Chong respect, the current environment of iron and steel enterprise information disclosure is still very weak, and some companies do not follow "Enterprises and institutions Environmental Information Disclosure Measures" disclosure of environmental data. Only a few steel companies in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for the preparation and publication of sustainable development reports, social responsibility reports. The environmental information is not open, transparent, the breeding ground for fraudulent conduct environmental data, resulting in less effective environmental regulation, is not conducive to resolve the excess steel production capacity, but also affect the steel industry "going out."
In addition, the company's understanding and practice needs to be deepened. Energy conservation is a key factor in the development of green, but "green" is not just to reduce the impact on the environment through the implementation of energy conservation, but to achieve a fundamental change from the development of the concept of "green" perspective, from the all levels of the downstream industry chain, urban communities, to re-examine all aspects of the production and operation of enterprises.
"We must clearly recognize that China's steel enterprises most still in the initial stage of green development, is still in the implementation phase of individual energy conservation or environmental management projects." Chinese Academy of Engineering Yin Rui Jue emphasize, how to solve the competitiveness of enterprises and through the development of green Sustainable Development would be "Thirteen Five" strategic center of gravity even have to think about the future of the steel industry lies.
Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute for Environmental Engineering Assessment Center and other units have jointly set up a steel green development research center. Li Chong said the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute will work in the outcome of green rating Chinese steel companies on the basis of 2015, give full play to the role of iron and steel platform Green Development Research Center, and Environmental Engineering Assessment Center as well as other members of the unit to further improve the steel companies green rating system. And actively explore cooperation with financial institutions, the Green rating with green finance closely to promote supply-side reform, and guide more resources to tilt to the green business community to promote green transformation or polluting enterprises out of the market, and resolve steel overcapacity.



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