The three northeastern provinces to capacity pressures of the different sub-provincial leaders personally led the push

In the first half of this year, the three northeastern provinces some of the major economic indicators are still below the national average, provincial economic trends also run some differentiation. In the three northeastern provinces economy still faces downward pressure on the background to the production capacity in Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces are tense manner. Securities Times reporter after combing · e company found that the three northeastern provinces pressure to vary the capacity in the China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil sector, the pressure to Jilin capacity is significantly less than in Liaoning and Heilongjiang Province.
In the 1990s a large number of employees laid off from state-owned enterprises, has so many impressive Northeast. Go in production capacity at the same time, the placement of the steel and coal industries to laid-off workers because of the emergence of capacity is especially critical.
Capacity pressures to various
It is understood that, in 2016 in Liaoning Province plans to withdraw crude steel production capacity of 6.02 million tons, complete the task to resolve the overcapacity of steel. 2018, resolve excess capacity 27.31 million tons of coal by 2020, will complete coal production capacity of 30.4 million tons of excess resolve tasks Close to exit the coal mines 140. According to the latest data Securities Times reporter · e firm grasp of the end of June this year, Liaoning Province, has quit coal production capacity 3.5 million tons, the year 2016 plans to complete the 13.27 million tons.
It is reported that Liaoning Province, the coal industry to focus production in Fuxin mining, iron law of energy, Shen Coal Group and other three companies in 2016 will exit capacity of 12 million tons. Among them, Shen Coal Group is the listed company's largest shareholder red sun energy. "Now is the majority shareholder to capacity, if listed companies have the capacity to plan, will promptly make an announcement." September 12, a staff member Hongyang Energy Deputy General Manager of the presentation on the phone.
In addition, Liaoning Province, as the coal-rich province in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, plans to use 3-5 years to resolve excess capacity 25.67 million tons of coal, 6.2 million workers shunt placement, which in 2016 resolved production capacity 9.83 million tons, employees to be reemployed 30,000 the first seven months has been to resolve excess capacity 2.22 million tons, shunt placement worker 10485 people, accounting for 23.7% and 35% of the annual plan, respectively. In addition, Heilongjiang Province also plans to Yajian 6.1 million tons of crude steel, 2.19 million tons of iron, completed in 2016.
Jilin Province plans to use 2-3 years Yajian coal production capacity of 27.33 million tons, coal mines 132 exit. In addition, Jilin Province plans to use five years to a total capacity of 1.36 million tons Yajian iron, steel production capacity of 1.08 million tons. · E Securities Securities Times reporter was informed that the company, as of now, the steel industry in Jilin Province has been completed Yajian crude steel production capacity of 1.08 million tons in 2016 annual targets, and progress on the completion of the coal industry has reached 52.7%.
A staff member of the relevant government departments of Jilin Province, said Compared to Heilongjiang Province and Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, the pressure to a minimum production capacity, because the per capita steel Jilin Province, coal production is not high, excess capacity is also facing contradictions not prominent. But even so, Jilin still have to go through this round of wind capacity, resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, adjusting the economic structure.
Staffing a top priority
One can not ignore the reality is that, compared to other regions and provinces, the three northeastern provinces in recent years, the pressure is particularly evident economic downturn, many companies are facing northeast greater pressure on the operation, so the placement of the steel and coal industries laid-off workers because of the emergence of the capacity to go it is particularly critical.
· E Securities Times reporter learned that the company, the three northeastern provinces have already introduced to the production industry Staffing way. Comprehensive three provinces run specific resettlement procedures, mainly reflected in several aspects: internal shunt, labor export organization, support and encourage entrepreneurship, the implementation of Early retirement from public service jobs helping underpinning the like.
"For streaming out to capacity and staff, we have taken a variety of ways for resettlement. For example, to encourage them to start their own businesses using the Internet +, for those who can bring together entrepreneurs waiting list of other business employees can also give certain preferential policies. "relevant person in charge of a coal enterprises in Jilin Province, said, in addition, the use of existing forest and land resources to carry out economic production and forest planting and breeding industry, can solve part of the re-employment of employees shunt waiting list.
Associate Professor, School of Economics, Jilin University Dingzhao Yong believes that the capacity is certainly going to release a portion of the surplus labor force, but the placement of this part of the crowd, you need targeted policies. In fact, iron and steel, coal enterprises should take the opportunity to implement an optimal allocation of human resources, based on the actual situation of workers, reasonable arrangements for staff, rather than across the board like were laid off. In addition, the need for diversion and not just junior staff, leadership positions also need to take this opportunity to optimize the allocation of address long-standing problem of bloated bodies.
Deputy provincial leadership led to capacity
· E Securities Times reporter in the interview process of the company was informed that this year, Liaoning Province and Jilin Province took the lead in the establishment of a special resolve the overcapacity "leading group" in the domestic provinces, and that these "leading group" team leader are by the deputy provincial leaders to serve, which can also be seen in "leading group" specifications high.
For example, the steel industry in Jilin Province to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround leader development leading group vice governor of Jilin Province Jiang promising; Jilin Province, the coal industry to resolve the overcapacity achieve turnaround leader development work leading group is Vice Governor Li Jin Xiu. Liaoning Province to resolve the coal iron and steel overcapacity achieve turnaround leader leading group is the executive vice governor and vice governor Liu Qiang Tan Zuojun.
Dingzhao Yong analysts say, the capacity to be impossible for many years, so "leading group" should be a temporary division. But because of the sub-provincial leadership sits "leading group" to push through the top down, it actually does play a very big role.
"Capacity is a hard task to go, pressing, urgent, to be completed within the stipulated time, must have high-level leaders 'hold the line'." Northeast Local government staff of anonymity, said the state-owned enterprises Northeast economy in the proportion of heavier, a lot of places to focus production capacity is also state-owned enterprises, which also touches the interests of all aspects. Provincial Development and Reform Commission to rely solely on the capacity to push quite difficult, some of the principal leaders of the provincial state-owned enterprise itself is deputy departmental level, departmental level cadres, from the administrative job title, the two sides are equal. But if it is by the governor, vice governor and even to concentrating on the job, the actual effect is completely different, efficiency is greatly improved, avoiding unnecessary buck, buck-passing.



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