To production milestones: completion target Worry cement steel coal is still fattening

Coal and steel production capacity to accelerate suddenly become new aluminum mud "Fat Man"
Central 10 inspection teams to carry out special inspection less than three weeks, the national iron and China Galvalume Steel Sheet, coal production had to go full speed. Coal, for example, at the end of July only 38% of the annual task, but quit in August production capacity of up to 55 million tons, nearly 60% in the first seven months, the task completion rate soared to 60%.
Minister of Economic Research Department of China International Economic and Exchange Center Hong Xu was in the "First Financial Daily" reporters, he said that at present, the production capacity has to achieve substantive results. However, due to the different tasks for each local resistance encountered, the extent of the differences are also advancing.
Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar, said the task is to focus the capacity of "the State Council meeting, the focus of this year's steel and coal, local governments in advance in accordance with requirements of the central, most provinces have reached the central target assignment. Another approach is the reorganization of central enterprises, such as Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel. "
As much notice will be completed ahead of time to iron and steel production capacity, next to the center of gravity may vary capacity, excess capacity situation is very serious cement, as well as capacity utilization has been only about 70% of the aluminum industry will be the focus.
China Energy Policy Institute, dean of Xiamen University, said Lin Boqiang, to production requires a lot of investment in the economy, the provinces to speed depends on the capacity of the government's efforts and local economic conditions. By industry, the iron and steel enterprises are located in the economically developed provinces, the capacity to progress well, but the origin of electrolytic aluminum and other industries in economically backward provinces mainly to promote greater difficulty.
Coal to steel production capacity by leaps and bounds
National Development and Reform Commission released data show that as of the end of July this year, the country's coal production capacity exit only completed 38% of the annual task, exit steel production capacity is only 47% complete the annual task amount, not more than half. The above data center caused concern after August steel, coal production capacity to immediately produce a perfect report card.
Deputy director of the State Development and Reform Commission regulation of economic operation bureau Lu Junling 8 morning said that as at the end of August, the national coal production capacity to complete the task by 60% this year, the cumulative production capacity of 150 million tons quit. Coal production in the first eight months fell nearly 10%.
Go coal production capacity by leaps and bounds, but also makes four consecutive years of falling coal prices rebounded, and even opened a "runaway" mode. Since July, Shaanxi coal reached the highest single-day gain of 50 yuan per ton, the end of coal (the most fine-grained coal) price has exceeded 400 yuan per ton mark, with lump coal prices par; only in August, the National coal spot prices rose by 36%; September 7, Qinhuangdao Bohai sea thermal coal price index released seaborne coal market to close at 515 yuan per ton, in the reporting period (August 31, 2016 - September 6 ) compared to the previous reporting period rose by 21 yuan per ton.
Steel regard, a number of provinces will advance, even over-fulfilled.
By the end of August, Jiangsu Province has left excess production capacity 2.8 million tons, completed 71.8% of the annual plan, the end of October this year, with 1.1 million tons of steel production capacity in Suzhou exit, Jiangsu Province, will complete the annual task ahead.
Hubei also has committed itself, this year can resolve excess steel production capacity of 3.38 million tons, exceeding the timeout to complete the state-assigned tasks.
According to Xinhua News Agency reported, Hunan Province in 2016 to iron and steel production capacity of the task has been completed. According to June this year, the introduction of the steel industry to resolve the overcapacity embodiment, Hunan Province in 2016 required Yajian steel production in the province of 500,000 tons. In addition, iron and steel enterprises in Hunan, Jiangsu Yajian also plans to steel production capacity of one million tons, 2.2 million tons in Guangdong equity disposal of iron, 2.4 million tons of steel production capacity, according to the principle of territoriality is responsible for the implementation by local government organizations.
Hebei Development and Reform Commission recently publicized 2016 to resolve the overcapacity in the steel business and the list of equipment. According to this schedule, if put in place, Hebei actual phase-out this year will be more than previously planned. In May this year, Hebei Province in the mobilization meeting stand down production capacity, "military order", promised in 2016 Yajian 17.26 million tons of iron, 14.22 million tons of steel production capacity. According to the published schedule, is expected to the end of November, Hebei Province, will phase out a total production capacity of 18.4 million tons of iron, steel production capacity of 16 million tons over the completion of the province's annual plan tasks.
Cement production is still "fertility"
Iron and steel, coal production capacity to complete the annual target has been comfortably, producing cement industry overcapacity situation is still very serious. National Bureau of Statistics data show that China's cement output in the first half of this year reached 1.11 billion tons, an increase of 3.2%, since March a total cement output steady for four consecutive months in more than 3% of slow growth.
In fact, the State Council as early as May this year issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the building materials industry structure adjustment of steady growth increase efficiency" (the "Opinion"), the next period of time to resolve the excess cement industries production capacity has made specific deploy.
"Opinions", 2020, and then a group of cement clinker Yajian, capacity utilization back to a reasonable range of top companies, cement clinker and other 10 production concentration of about 60%.
Up to now, provinces across the country have been introduced to the cement production policies, including the "special action program prevention of air pollution," "cement industry structural adjustment programs" and so on. Among them, the cement Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hebei province cement production capacity to a greater degree.
Due to the different cement production capacity of the provinces to the goal of a big gap. Among them, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilin plans in two to three years are required to resolve the overcapacity than 10 million tons; Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Hainan, Qinghai, Sichuan and other provinces were each required to resolve cement overcapacity 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 Ton.
Jiangsu Province, there are 651 cement companies, cement production in 2016 amounted to 180,136,600 tons. The province's 2017 target compression cement production capacity of 1,000 tons. Statistics show that the first half of 2016, cement production in Jiangsu Province have been down 2.8%.
Jilin Provincial Government in April this year announced plans to shut down in 2016 clinker production line 5, the pressure can cut 3.15 million tons, shutting down a cement grinding station 3, the pressure can cut 4.33 million tons. Plans to use two to three years, Yajian clinker production capacity of 800 million tons, about 13 million tons of cement production capacity. The province's 2015 cement production was 35,848,600 tons.
Aluminum industry-wide losses
Aluminum industry overcapacity is another "persistent." National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first half of this year, the national aluminum production was 15.32 million tons, down only 1.9% from a year earlier.
Assistant Dean Weber New Economy Research Institute Liu Zhe interview with this reporter, said that China is a country with less copper and more aluminum, aluminum there is excess capacity, the industry basically at a loss, the capacity utilization rate has been about 70%.
"In the past few years, from the growth point of view, the global aluminum growth was mainly concentrated in China, elsewhere in the world aluminum production in the past basically stable at around 24 million tons. Aluminum resolve excess capacity, will help improve the aluminum industry boom, through sustained and effective supply-side exit, improving the relationship between supply and demand of the aluminum industry, aluminum support upstream. "Liu Zhe said.
Group of Twenty (G20) leaders summit in Hangzhou, the two sides have reached a consensus to jointly cope with the global aluminum overcapacity problem.
SASAC research center researcher Hu later told reporters that the production of electrolytic aluminum industry overcapacity is structural overcapacity, low excess capacity, high-end production capacity. Worldwide demand for high-end aluminum products is not small, especially high-tech industries in electronics, aerospace and transportation fields.
In fact, required of high-strength aerospace aluminum, aluminum is also largely dependent on imports, and therefore, the aluminum industry in urgent need of industrial upgrading, and production of high value-added high-end space aluminum products is very high.
Analysis of the industry, China's electrolytic aluminum industry to achieve complete upgrade, it will not just be satisfied with simply requires companies to provide products, more importantly, to provide complete and accurate manufacture of aluminum solutions for high-tech industry, the aluminum industry and high-tech technology services industry together, optimize the use of the first and third in the industry combined with tremendous growth opportunities brought about.
It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission from the beginning of August to carry out monthly reporting system capacity, coupled with the capacity to inspection teams to provinces and municipalities continue to carry out special inspection, production capacity is expected to go in the second half of the industry will continue to increase, production is expected to continue to shrink.



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