Turkish HMS 1/2 80:20 import prices advance to $188 a ton

Turkish HMS 1/2 80:20 scrap import average prices (CFR Iskenderun Port, Turkey) advanced to $188 a ton week-on-week during the week ended January 08, as per the latest figures from the Steel Index.

According to TSI, daily benchmark index for deep-sea Turkish imports of HMS #1&2 80:20 rose $4 a ton from last Friday to end the week at $190 a ton CFR Iskenderun port.

A number of cargoes were booked out of Europe and the UK this week, with prices edging up and above $190 a ton by the end of the week. 

We are yet to see a US cargo booked, with traders in the country heard to be holding out for prices nearer to $195 a ton on the back of strong US domestic settlements this month.



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