US Department of Commerce preliminary ruling Chinese exports to the US stainless steel products constitute dumping

US Department of Commerce published the preliminary statement on the 12th local time, determined from Chinese imports of stainless steel sheet and strip constitute dumping.
Should the United States AK Steel Corporation, North American Stainless and Outokumpu Stainless USA and other complaints, the Ministry of Commerce announced on March 4 China Stainless Steel Coil anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations.
US Commerce Department finds that dumping of Chinese products was 63.86 to 76.64% in its affirmative statement. By 2015, Chinese exports to the US related products worth about $ 302 million.
Based on the preliminary results, the US Commerce Department will ask the Customs for China-related products manufacturer and exporter of collecting cash deposits. According to the US trade remedy procedures, the Ministry of Commerce will make a final ruling in November this year, the International Trade Commission, another agency will make the final ruling in January next year. If they have made an affirmative final determination, the United States will formally impose anti-dumping duties.
In July the Ministry of Commerce has announced preliminary countervailing declare China stainless steel products, Chinese products have been identified subsidy rate of 57.3 to 193.12 percent, will make a final countervailing November.
Recently, the United States continuously for Chinese exports to the US stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, plate and corrosion-resistant carbon steel plate and other steel products Length cut high taxes. Chinese Ministry of Commerce, trade remedy investigations bureau 9, said the best way to solve the current difficulties facing the global steel industry is coordinated response by countries, rather than frequently take trade protection measures, hope that the US compliance with WTO rules and the G20 leaders Hangzhou Summit consensus and take up their responsibility to promote the recovery of the global steel industry and improving the overall global trading environment.



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