US Steel shipments down 12.4 during November

The American Iron and Steel  Institute (AISI) has reported today that for the month of November 2015, U.S.  steel mills shipped 6,457,870 net tons, a 12.4 percent decrease from the  7,369,472 net tons shipped in October 2015, and a 15.5 percent decrease from the  7,638,086 net tons shipped in November 2014. 

Shipments year-to-date in  2015 are 79,990,315 net tons, an 11.4 percent decrease vs. 2014 shipments of  90,270,336 net tons for eleven months.

A comparison of November shipments  to the previous month of October shows the following changes: hot dipped  galvanized sheets and strip, down 10 percent, cold rolled sheet, down 14 percent  and hot rolled sheet, down 15 percent.



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