US preliminary ruling China's steel exports to the United States there are subsidies

US Department of Commerce issued a statement on the 7th local time, the preliminary ruling that China's US carbon steel sheet steel products have long-term subsidy behavior.
The United States Department of Commerce on April 29 this year decided to originate in South Korea, France, Japan, Italy, Brazil, China and other countries of the carbon steel length plate initiated anti-dumping investigation, while the United States Department of Commerce, On originating in China and South Korea and other countries to launch countervailing investigation of the product. The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on the day that the subsidy rate for Chinese-related products was 210.50 percent, with no subsidy for Korean products.
Based on this ruling, MOFCOM will notify the US Customs to impose a cash deposit on China's related product manufacturers and exporters. The Ministry of Commerce is also conducting anti-dumping investigations against Chinese products.
In 2015, China's total China Stainless Steel Coil products exported to the United States total about 70.26 million US dollars. According to the US timetable, the Ministry of Commerce will make the final ruling in January next year, another federal agency, the US International Trade Commission is expected to make the final ruling in March next year. If both make a definitive final ruling, the US Customs will formally introduce countervailing duties.
In recent years, the United States have pairs of China's stainless steel strip, galvanized sheet and cold rolled coils, carbon steel length steel plate and other steel products launched dual anti-investigation. China's trade remedy investigation bureau said that frequent trade protection measures will not help to fundamentally solve the difficulties faced by the national steel industry temporarily, will only artificially interfere with the normal order of international trade, China has consistently advocated through consultation and cooperation And other means to resolve the friction, caution trade remedy measures to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.



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