Updated list of top ferrous scrap processors in North America to be published soon

Recycling Today Media Group will be publishing an updated list of Top 20 Ferrous Scrap processors in North America in its March 2016 issue. This will override the existing list published earlier in 2014.

Ferrous scrap processors who wish to participate are required to update their information in the online form. They are required to punch in the total physical volume of ferrous scrap handled at all of its facilities during the entire year 2015. The figure must be inclusive of scrap taken in at all facilities meant for processing or further shipment. Exporters should enter the total volume of ferrous scrap purchased for export and loaded on to a vessel during the year. The quantity of scrap brokered by traders or brokers is not allowed to be included.

The existing list of 20 largest ferrous scrap processors in North America published in March 2014 is provided below.



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