Vietnam scrap steel imports dropped

The most recently released trade data indicates that scrap steel imports by Vietnam during the month of November this year dropped sharply when compared with the previous month.

Vietnam imported 220,000 tons of scrap steel during Nov ‘15. The scrap imports by the country have dropped by nearly 12.8% when compared with the imports during the month before. The scrap imports by the country had totaled 253,000 tons during October this year.

The average import price of scrap steel during the eleventh month of the year 2015 stood at US$187.70 per ton. The average scrap import value dropped considerably by 11.4% when matched with the previous month. The scrap imports by the country had averaged at $211.80 per ton during October this year.

The cumulative scrap imports by the country during the initial eleven months of the year totaled 2.916 million tons. The scrap imports were down by 5.1% when compared with imports during the corresponding eleven-month period in 2014. The Vietnamese scrap imports had totaled 3.073 million tons during January to November last year.

The country’s scrap imports are estimated to total around 3.18 million tons during the entire year 2015.



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