Vietnamese Chinese galvanized sheet final anti-dumping duty of 4.02% -38.34%

Vietnam Competition Authority September 2 final determination on imports from China and other China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet and zinc-aluminum coating coil anti-dumping tax rate of 4.02% -38.34% Details are as follows. March 7, 2016, from China to Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and South Korea imported galvanized coils initiated anti-dumping investigations, involving products for the Customs Code 7210,7212,7225 and 7226 under the 35 kinds.
In July, Vietnam to China billet, rebar and wire rod imposition of definitive safeguard duty, billet within a year to maintain the rate of 23.3%, rebar and wire rod in 14.2% of the provisional safeguard duty due to increase 15.4% after gradually reduced until 2020 canceled. Also being carried out on imported color coated safeguard investigation.



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