Why I Chose to Attend College

Why I Chose to Attend College    As my high school years were drawing to a close, I turned over and over again in my mind the question of whether I school go to college.    In most of students, they think we attend school are intended to a good college, they study hardly and hardly. When in the college entrance examination, all students to the best of their ability, all attend to a good mark to a good college.    Why I chose to attend college? Firstly, I think I can burn thirst for more knowledge and keen interest in learning. According to these, I also can find a good job when I graduate from college. Secondly, I opportunite a college education may provide for all-round development. From college, I will get many new knowledge what I do not get if I do not attend college. Finally, I can have a necessary step to a good career. In this society, no knowledge have no job, this is a very reality phenomenon. So, I chose to attend college, I want to mark a contribution to society.



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