Wuhan Iron and Steel shares and Baoshan Iron and Steel shares swap ratio of 1: 0.56.

Baosteel September 22 evening release merger merger plan, Baosteel to Wuhan Iron and Steel Company shares issued by all the convertible A shares, convertible merger of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares. The conversion price of Baosteel is 4.60 yuan / share, and the price of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co. is 2.58 yuan / share. Therefore, the proportion of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares and Baosteel is 1: 0.56, that is, the share of Wuhan Iron and Steel You can exchange for 0.56 shares of Baosteel shares. As the Shanghai Stock Exchange will be the relevant documents after the audit, the company will not resume trading of stock.
According to the plan, Baosteel is the merging party and the surviving party of the merger, and Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is the merged party and the non-surviving party of the merger. The existing assets, liabilities, business, personnel, contract, qualification and other All rights and obligations of Wuhan Iron and Steel Limited to undertake and inheritance, since the date of delivery, Wuhan Iron and Steel Limited 100% stake in Baosteel control.
The number of shares issued by Baosteel to all the shareholders of WISCO is the total number of shares of WISCO. The number of shares of Baosteel and WISCO is 5,652,516,701.
To fully protect the interests of shareholders of Baosteel, Baosteel will give its dissenting shareholders the option of cash. The dissenting shareholders of Baosteel who have the right to exercise the cash option may, for each of the effective shares declared by Baosteel, receive the cash offer option at the conversion price (ie RMB4.60 per share) And the dissenting shareholder transfers the corresponding stock to the name of the cash option provider.



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