Xinjiang region will focus on the implementation of the steel industry and other air pollutants emission limits

2, the reporter from the autonomous regions (Xinjiang, the same below) the Environmental Protection Office news conference that, I will focus on implementation of the regional area of air pollutants emission limits in particular, the implementation of a range of key areas involving a total of Urumqi, Kuitun, Shihezi, Karamay City Dushanzi District and other 20 counties. According to "focus on the implementation of the regional air pollutants emission limits special notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") to the thermal power industry, coal-fired boilers, for example, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by more than half, which would be my area Environment continuous quality improvement lay a more stable foundation and protection.
It is understood that "five" period, our region at all levels of government to actively take joint prevention and control of air pollution and pollution abatement measures, the full completion of the four total pollutant reduction targets and tasks, focusing on regional air quality improved significantly improve. To implement the "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan," the State Council promulgated the autonomous regional people's government issued the "air pollution control action plan to implement the program," the state's key industries and air pollutant emission standards, according to the law to increase efforts to control pollution, reduce air pollutants emissions, ensure that the regional atmospheric environment quality continued to improve, according to the requirements of the national implementation of air pollutants in key industries of special emission limits, our region will in Hami City (Illinois district, Barkol County, Yiwu County), Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture associate East regional Executive (Qitai, Mori County, Jimsar County) and other key areas of prevention and control of air pollution emission limits of air pollutants in particular.
"This will Hami City and quasi-East region into the implementation of the range of content, because in recent years in the region of thermal power installed capacity grew very fast, in order to reduce air pollutant emissions, we need to take measures in advance, we can not wait until we have to limit pollution. "Deputy Director of atmospheric environment management Office environmental Protection Office of the autonomous region to Xie introduced.
August 25, autonomous regions and Environmental Protection Office issued the "Notice", thermal power autonomous air pollution control in key areas within the iron and China Galvalume Steel Sheet, cement, petrochemical industry and coal-fired boilers perform particular air pollutant emission limits. "Notice" proposed, Urumqi region, Kuitun - Dushanzi - Usu area, Karamay, Shihezi City, Korla region of thermal power, steel, cement, petrochemical industry and coal-fired boilers, as well as quasi-Hami City and the Eastern region of the thermal power industry , to be performed in accordance with the date "announcement" publication; existing businesses (already built or have been approved by the EIA), effective from July 1, 2017; have been built in the Urumqi region or approved by the EIA burning coal boiler execution since July 1, 2016.
Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Office of the Chief Engineer, spokesman Wenyu Biao, during the discharge limits from the current national regulations are appropriate industry standards for pollutant discharge. In the thermal power industry, coal-fired boilers, for example, in accordance with past standards, starting July 1, 2014, implementation of new thermal power plant coal-fired boilers of sulfur dioxide 100㎎ / m
3, the implementation of the existing thermal power plants fired boilers of sulfur dioxide 200㎎ / m3, the implementation of all boilers NOx emission limit 100㎎ / m3, while the standard of special emission limits specified, sulfur dioxide emissions from all of the implementation 50㎎ / m3 nitrogen oxide emissions fully implemented 100㎎ / m3 standard, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by more than half, lay a more stable foundation and guarantee for the continuous improvement of environmental quality.



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