Xinjiang will start steel "to production capacity," the annual target production 900,000 tonnes

Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be fully launched to resolve the overcapacity of steel work, the annual production target of 900,000 tons.
August 23, the Director of autonomous Commission by letter of the raw materials industry Zhang Yong, at present, the autonomous region has signed with the China Galvalume Steel Sheet industry over the city government to resolve the overcapacity objective responsibility can implement to resolve the excess steel production capacity main responsibility City.
Autonomous regions will guide the development and implementation of steel around the city to resolve the overcapacity embodiment, highlights include the capacity to resolve, employee relocation, debt disposal program of work. To safeguard social stability under the premise, and actively and steadily resolve the overcapacity of steel in our region.
"End of the year, the autonomous region will jointly appointed by the letter of environmental protection, quality supervision departments of the Joint Inspection Unit, to go around the state capacity on completion of joint inspection this year is expected to produce work will be completed before the end of October." Yong said.



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