Yunnan Province in 2016 Yajian crude steel production capacity of 3.76 million tons

Reporters from the recently held in Kunming Iron and Steel to resolve the coal industry overcapacity and the flood of work safety supervision forum that the province (Yunnan Province, the same below) to resolve the coal industry, iron and China Galvalume Steel Sheet overcapacity and actively promote the work, has been completed ahead of the iron and steel industry annual target.
The steel according to the coal industry to resolve the overcapacity in the province and responsibility embodiments and rescue Ministerial Joint development work with the provincial government signed 2016--2020 our province coal industry pressure steel production capacity target: Yajian crude steel production capacity of 4.53 million ton, pig iron production capacity of 1.25 million tons, 20.88 million tons of coal production capacity. Among them, 2016 Yajian crude steel production capacity of 3.76 million tons of pig iron production capacity of 1.26 million tons, 18.17 million tons of coal production capacity, Yajian target than the national average.
To manage and use rewards and subsidies, the province introduced the "Yunnan provincial resolve the overcapacity special financial awards complement fund management approach." In accordance with the amount of funding awards complement national arrangements, the province in a 1: 1 ratio equal facilities, including provincial support of 50%, 50% supporting the city. Currently, the central financial awards complement the provincial capital of 1.695 billion yuan and 847 million yuan of matching funds have been issued related to City. Province has also launched a timely elimination of outdated, illegal and joint law enforcement to clean up three special action to defuse the excess capacity to create a good environment.
In advancing the steel coal industry resolve the excess capacity to work, the province actively promote international production cooperation, seize the country "along the way" strategy and Yunnan construction for opportunities in South Asia Southeast Asia radiation center in Kunming Iron and Steel as a leader, to build international production cooperation platform. To increase steel production to be working with South Asian, Southeast Asian countries and regions, give full play to Kunming Iron and Steel strong technical strength and experience of international cooperation in the iron and steel, metallurgy, mining, equipment manufacturing, the formation of the Silk Road Yunnan Overseas Investment Limited, actively participate in international management, promote the transfer of production capacity to a number of South and Southeast Asia and other countries, Kunming steel to accelerate international development. Meanwhile, for the iron and steel enterprises in our province less competitive, extensive mode of growth, needs to be improved to withstand market risks issues, accelerate structural adjustment, promote the consolidation and reorganization, the steel industry to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.



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