Yunnan province building materials, steel market special rectification actions

"Quality Month" period, Yunnan Chuxiong Lincang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau carried out the building materials, steel market, law enforcement and special rectification actions.
Chuxiong Bureau of Quality Supervision prominent focus of regulation, focusing on effectiveness of the work, strengthen publicity and education. Actively cooperate to carry out the elimination of backward production capacity of steel production, sales and construction site use steel case carried out inspection of law enforcement to crack down on illegal production "to be steel," and with "to be steel" Rolled China Aluzinc Steel Sheet Coil used in construction criminal acts. Strengthen decoration materials, coatings, wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, radiators and other livelihood-related building materials law enforcement inspection. Organized "fresh room" operations to plywood, paint, flooring, tiles and other decoration materials as the focus, severely crack down on unlicensed production, operating without a license in violation of state compulsory standards, selling or using counterfeit in the project criminal acts decoration materials, continue to carry out fresh room "into the community, into the family, into the school" service activities.
Yunnan Lincang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has invited black metallurgical products Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, Kunming Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company and other experts, in-depth 8 counties steel market and large temporary railway, Yu Lin Superhighway, the airport highway and other "network" infrastructure Key project site, carried out the steel market, law enforcement and special rectification actions. Up to now, Lincang inspection reinforced sales outlets 135, seizure of counterfeit Kunming Steel 170.7 tons, 15.1 tons of reinforced undocumented archive, extract suspected not meet the mandatory requirements of the standard steel samples 8 group, filed 16 cases, involving the value of more than 50 yuan, effectively guarantee the quality and safety of Lincang steel market.



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