Zhangjiakou, Baoding City, Hebei Langfang three iron and steel production capacity to withdraw from

August 12 morning, the first 24 in Hebei Province Development and Reform Working seminar at the provincial Development and Reform Commission began to speak. From the seminar was informed that this year, Hebei Province, will adhere to market mechanisms, economic instruments, both the rule of law approach, resolutely fight coal to steel production capacity battle. In accordance with the organization of work, the NDRC will expedite the implementation of Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Baoding City 4 become "substantially free of Coal City", Zhangjiakou, Baoding, Langfang City 3 will study the development of steel production capacity to withdraw from the program.
According to the Hebei Daily News August 14, according to the plan, this year, Hebei Province, will Yajian iron production capacity 17.26 million tons, steel production capacity of 14.22 million tons, coal mines exit 50 and exit capacity of 13.09 million tons. At present, the China Prepainted Galvalume Steel sheet industry first Yajian 10.77 million tons of iron, 8.2 million tons of steel-making tasks have been implemented in cities and counties, businesses and equipment. Exit the coal industry to implement the tasks have been mine, mainly distributed in seven municipalities Kailuan Group, Jizhong Energy Group's main coal mining and coal mine enterprise integration.
To speed up the iron and steel production capacity of coal to the progress of this year, Hebei Province, has twice undertaken to resolve the overcapacity focused action. Meanwhile, for the improved steel market this year, most companies became profitable new situation, issued a non-offending and new steel production capacity has been SUSPENSION steel equipment production resumption notice, strengthen the supervision according to law and administrative accountability measures. In addition, Hebei Province also organized several rounds of thorough investigation activities, 2013--2015, included in the plan Yajian 21 companies SUSPENSION of 21 blast furnaces, 19 converters one by one inspection, found no case of resumption of production.
Up to now, Langfang City, has been completed this year, the first batch of steel production capacity Yajian task, Shijiazhuang, Baoding has been completed this year, coal production capacity out of the task.
To the capacity to combine and optimize the industrial layout. According to the plan, in the steel sector, Hebei Iron and Steel will continue to accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises, and strive to form a river of steel in 2020, Shougang Group as the leading two, three regional focus groups, about 10 companies for support of Featured " 2310 "steel industry pattern. In the coal fields, Hebei Province, will accelerate the promotion of Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Qinhuangdao, Baoding City 4 become "substantially free of Coal City," and strive to "Thirteen Five", Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai City 3 reserved Jizhong Energy, Kailuan Group More than 40 key coal mines, production capacity of 5,000 tons.



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