Zhejiang full completion of "Thirteen Five" plan steel production capacity Yajian

Hangzhou Iron and Steel Mid-Steel Base comprehensive safety shutdown
3.03 million tons! Recently, Zhejiang good news, "Thirteen Five" province (Zhejiang Province, the same below) China Galvalume Steel Sheet production capacity Yajian plan has been completed. Among them, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Mid-smooth steel base shutdowns Yajian steelmaking capacity accounted for 49.5% of Zhejiang Province Yajian plan.
December 23, 2015 morning in Hangzhou, rain have, over the past 24 years as Yang students each working day, as in the former Hangzhou Iron and Steel blast furnace shop No. 2 blast furnace iron ditch along watching the molten surges. But unlike conventional steel flower fly, filled with lively vapor, which is played back from the remaining molten iron, so iron is the last scene. He stood together with the workers took the last photo of a work, it was secretly wiped tears. Burning for nearly 60 years, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Mid-comprehensive security shut steel base, completed two years earlier than originally planned. A month later, 1.2 million shunt placement procedures for work completed.
Successfully shut down a few months behind the Hangzhou Iron and Steel adhere to the 10 years of transformation. On the one hand to strengthen the technical, managerial innovation, doing fine main steel industry, on the other hand to slowly strengthen the non-steel industry, Hangzhou Iron and Steel out of the path of diversification. Starting in 2005, non-steel industry profits even in the Hangzhou Iron and Steel over the main steel business, the effectiveness of structural transformation strategies continue to appear.
12 shunt placement channels, so that each employee has the right to select more than one
In the Mid-steel base personnel shunt placement of 150 days, no one petition to the provincial and municipal government, no company went to the trouble to visit the vicious, no security incidents occurred.
"Businesses and employees has become a common destiny." Hang a three generations of Steelers Wang Yali said. Wide plant, advanced equipment, substantial income, good benefits, each of Hangzhou Iron and Steel people have a sense of pride for this equipment. For decades, the "ten Frank" is for the economic construction and social development has made important contributions in Zhejiang, Mid-steel base annual capacity of 4 million tons, since the plant has cumulative production of 49.03 million tons of iron, 62.65 million tons of steel, steel 61.36 million tons, with nearly 30,000 active and retired personnel, associated personnel up to 10 people.
However, the transition is accelerating the arrival of the era. Domestic steel overcapacity problem growing, environmental standards gradually improved, and sales prices seriously upside down, steel prices difficult to survive. 2015, from Hangzhou urban layout adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading of the starting height, Zhejiang provincial government assess the situation, ton output capacity, the decision to shut down the end of the year Mid-Hangzhou Iron and Steel Iron and Steel Base.
Personnel shunt placement can be said that shutting down the work of the most prominent problem. "This year we are starting to hear the news of the factory shut down, but still true to this day find it difficult to give up." And Wang Yali, like a lot of people start Hangzhou Iron and Steel have experienced anxiety and worry. Shunt placement personnel work at first more like a mission impossible.
In the Mid-steel base clear shut down six months, new situations and new problems emerging: people wanted action, internal rumors everywhere; a complex corporate officers, land requisition workers, special types of jobs workers, work-related injuries, etc., various groups demands diverse, QQ, micro-channel group active, requiring placement of jobs, improve treatment; shunt placement of time, staff housing subsidies involving 19 historical issues 20,000 people focus on the outbreak in this period ...... from August 24, 2015, stepped in Hangzhou Iron and steel Group, Party secretary, chairman Chen Yueliang arrival to work the first day, Hangzhou Iron and steel executives began working more than 16 hours a day every day.
The first is to upgrade the transformation and upgrading of ideas. "We must move away from the original aura of achievement and out, liberated from the old model of development out, bold vision and courage, and be pioneers." Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group, deputy party secretary Ren Hai Hang said. On the one hand, the Hang steel industry situation and entrepreneurs bottom bright employees, study the "positive guidance method, patience enlighten law, comparative law afterwards, one dating Law" 10 ways to eliminate the concerns of employees, let them know early shutting down early to break through and create rational channels to reflect the demands of the petition. On the other hand various discussion exchange organization, skills training, innovation and entrepreneurship auditorium, so that the cadres and employees understand the "Close Mid-Hangzhou Iron and Steel steel base is not shut down, but open up a new path of development", through a series of activities so that they will look Consideration is transferred to the individual and the future development of the enterprise up, from the heart to actively participate in the transition.
In the 57th held a special meeting to hear a separate staff of more than 2,500 comments on hundreds of pieces of policy analysis and quantitative calculation, the Mid-Hangzhou Iron and Steel shut down steel base employees shunt placement program before congress for consideration, the final 87.44% of the vote rate of one-off vote. "We have developed a 12-channel shunt placement in the program." Minister of Human Resources Group, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Jiangzeng Ping told reporters. Placement within the group, the provincial municipal job placement state holding enterprises, entrepreneurship, self-service output, undergo early retirement, early retirement, labor contracts ...... 12 channels fully take into account the needs of different types of employees, try to make each person has a more suitable choice.
Hangzhou Iron and Steel Dynamics original driver Jiang Lixin chose to undergo early retirement, "I am 49 years old, 60 years before retiring in Hangzhou Iron and Steel will help me to pay 11 years of social security, there are many living expenses every month." Jiang Lixin ready to retire Yang then open open net about cars, so he estimated revenue with the original work when far. Hangzhou Iron and Steel dimensional original inspection center turner Zhang Songbiao chose exports of services, in Hangzhou Iron and Steel to help the newly formed human resource development services company under Zhejiang electromechanical to school as a trainee guide. After the 80 Hang Huang Min Steelers chose their own businesses this year, March 7, he founded the company officially opened pension services. The shunt placement has 112 employees and entrepreneurial choice, like Huang Min, founder of the company has been autonomous 74, 232 employees, of which 42 companies settled in Hangzhou steel maker space, enjoy a range of business counseling and support.
Production line shut down the program with a thick 500, traveling light develop strategic emerging industries
Solve the "people go" inseparable "money come from." Hangzhou Iron and Steel finance department responsible person, which mainly rely on the strong support of the provincial government of Zhejiang, Hangzhou municipal government and the SASAC, NDRC, human society, by letter, finance and other departments by Mid-section steel base land replacement for workers shunt placement and funding industrial transformation and upgrading of a guarantee, the work to be orderly way.
Addition to staffing, shutting down the production line is a huge project, to complete the established order, social functions to transfer, the balance of billets, the raw material to digest, but also take into account the environmental and economic benefits. More serious is that with the approaching of the production line shut down a node, a variety of security risks also surfaced, leaking serious equipment, coke oven pipes get clogged, water pit furnace ...... In order to solve the multitude of problems carding a the nearly 500-page "Mid-steel base production line shut down the overall program" placed in each responsible desk, blast furnace shutdown, raw fuel pre-discharge, waste disposal, safety and environmental protection emergency plan, each work are all assigned to individuals . After successful completion of the production line shut down, according to production safety ring at the statistics, just off the corner angle scattered slag pulverized to nearly 70,000 tons, showing the arduous task of the whole.
Now, to complete the transformation of war Hangzhou Iron and Steel positive without reservation, we embarked on a new path of development. After the reorganization of assets, Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares as an industry platform and capital platform, the Group's overall asset securitization rate of 27% up to 75%. Stronger and better in the original industry based on Hangzhou Iron and Steel began to vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection, health smart strategic emerging industries, Mid-base will also be injected into the new cultural elements, through the introduction of entrepreneurial teams and enterprises to build production integration of the city of innovation base. Hangzhou Iron and Steel of the future development of confident: "Strive to 'Thirteen Five' at the end, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group will fight the Chinese sample transformation and upgrading."
Reform should have the determination to play
As the first supply-side structural reforms of the five tasks, the capacity to be an uphill battle. However, one burning for nearly 60 years, tens of thousands of employees relating to the fate of the old mill, then the decision-making, then shut down, seemingly impossible task ahead of schedule. This fully shows that "have the determination to play" is the key to advancing reform.
Determined - the government should have the determination to promote work to resolve the overcapacity, companies have the determination to upgrade to find a new development path. It is two strands twisted together to resolve, so that the transition Hangzhou Iron and Steel acceleration. Because steel prices to rise this year to resolve some regions and enterprises production capacity there have been some shake in the face of difficulties and challenges work there are afraid of difficulties, the firm determination to become a key production this year to complete the task.
We have to play - enterprises should maximize safeguarding the legitimate interests of workers in the first place, with emotion, scientific and rational shunt placement, to workers, relying on workers, from worker to find a way to give the support of the masses, in order to smooth the contradictions and problems solve. "Mid-steel base can not shut down the burden onto the government", Hangzhou Iron and Steel undertook corporate restructuring and upgrading, the main responsibility for maintaining stability. Bite the next hoe, winning battle, rely on themselves and to have this opportunity of bettering Endeavour's play.



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