bulk carrier laden with iron ore in Australia

"Sai Weina" No. bulk carrier laden with iron ore in Australia, slowly docked at the Ningbo - Zhoushan Port of Long Lake wharf rat, wharf after becoming officially opened the first foreign ship berthing. Already waiting beside the Hangzhou Customs under the Zhoushan Customs officers immediately on board, the ship loaded 173,000 tons of iron ore customs clearance procedures, namely to ensure that cargo that is unloaded. One of the seven berths As can be accessed by 400,000 tons of ore boat, rat waves lake dock 300,000-ton ore transshipment officially opened, marking the Zhoushan port loading and unloading capacity of iron ore imports for re-upgrade, Sea Combined Services construction made new progress.
Currently, the major steel mills along the Yangtze River iron ore required primarily by Ningbo - Zhoushan Port to unload 200,000 tons berths. However, with the growing domestic iron ore imports, 300,000 tons more than bulk carriers increased demand for berthing, loading and unloading capacity of the existing pier stretched. "Experience sailing marina are fully committed, can only far away, to Qingdao, Rizhao and other northern port transit, and then shipped back to the major steel enterprises along the Yangtze River. To a return, transit times by at least 1-2 days, transportation costs will grow exponentially. "Zhoushan shipping Agency Ltd. Rui Yu Jie said," now, rat wave lake pier opened, we a more convenient channel for imported iron ore. "
Long Wharf Rat Lake for a typical characteristic of the island, Hangzhou Customs has designed a science and technology as the core of regulatory supervision program, with remote video surveillance, belt scales and other bulk solid scientific and technological means to improve regulatory efficiency.



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