Customs Deputy Director Sun Yibiao in Kunming Customs investigation condolences.

Customs Deputy Director Sun Yibiao in Kunming Customs investigation condolences.
Sun Yibiao on behalf of the Party Group and Director of the General Administration of Customs in Guangzhou Customs officers and their families to extend my cordial greetings and New Year's blessing, look to your Kunming Customs Airport Customs seized business trip scene, understand customs officers working and living conditions. Sun Yibiao hear thematic Kunming customs of Party work report, affirmed the work of the customs, the customs-depth study and implement the requirements of the National Conference of Customs, the National Customs honest government, and anti-corruption work conference spirit, practice the new ideas, the new development plan, for further work to make four points of hope: a clear understanding of the new situation and new tasks clear, enhance service overall awareness, innovation and development of ideas, identify the actual direction of the work; persist in reform and innovation, requires a deep understanding of the connotation of the country's current structural reforms, strict implement the Department requirements, and continuously improve the effectiveness of checks and services; consolidate the foundation to promote the rule of law in the customs building, always remain sober-minded, to prevent law enforcement and non-law enforcement risk; the full implementation of tightening party discipline, strict management of the relevant requirements, adhere to Ji Ting front, earnestly implement the "two responsibilities", inherited and developed the hard work of border culture, promote righteousness, gather positive energy, create conditions conducive to the frontier team building good atmosphere.
During Kunming, Yunnan Governor Sun Yibiao met Moses, vice governor Liu Huiyan.



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